10 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Empower Women on IWD 2021!!
Women's Day

10 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Empower Women on IWD 2021!!

So, we will wish one another or females around a very happy International Women’s Day as March is already here. Well, talking about women, everyone knows that this cute and soft human species loves to receive gifts on every occasion. And, on IWD 2021 as well, you must be searching for the best Women’s Day gifts in Dubai to embellish this day and make it more amazing for her. Flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalized gifts, and many more options are there with which you can beautifully express your feelings to her. But have you ever thought gifting flowers and teddies to today’s woman is what women’s day is all about?

See, gifting materialistic things is not at all a wrong thing. Everyone loves to receive gifts from their loved ones. Owing to this, we have a whole interesting list of top 50 Women’s Day gift ideas. You can check that out and make your mother, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, and every female around feel special and pampered. But don’t you think women’s day is one such occasion centered on women’s achievements, contribution, hard work, tough life, values, and culture? To honor this day and honor the women around us, we need to do something extraordinary. And, for IWD, there could be nothing more perfect and better than empowering women and making them capable enough to get what they want.

But, have you any idea about:

What does women empowerment actually look like in 2021?

As human beings and especially living in today’s world scenario, we have lent our ears to many such talks someone or other is disrespecting women, either based on some age-old traditions, beliefs, cultures, and customs. The disrespect can be even in the sarcastic form as a joke or in an insulting way. The worst and most shocking thing is not only men but also women who have equal participation in limiting the women’s growth. So, have you thought about dealing with this global issue? Will only restricting women promote their safety? Will women of today still have to face challenges in offices? Will wearing full-length clothes stop harassment? Are these the only options in which a girl or woman can be empowered?

Well, if you also belong to this community and have the same mindset, then dear, you really have to widen your vision and thinking scope. We as humans have come a long way in promoting gender equality in every aspect, and yet, on this road, it seems like progress is still halted. The need of today’s generation is to stop flattering women around and take serious initiative towards motivation and empowering women in the UAE and globally. Well, the job is pretty daunting and challenging but not at all an impossible one. And, to make it a bit easy, we have listed here some unique ways to celebrate International Women’s Day. These options will grander the day and change its meaning for you and take you to a whole new path.

Honoring International Women’s Day, we have researched about different ways in which you can promote women empowerment right from your home or friend circle as “Charity begins at home” and “if you want to change the world, start within your surrounding.” So, without wasting any more time, let us have a look at some extraordinary and thoughtful ways to celebrate womanhood:

1. Women’s Day Celebration 2021

This year in 2021, we seek out the women’s achievements and contributions to recover from COVID 19 pandemic worldwide. With this, a campaign runs promoting the challenge to call out gender inequity and biasedness. If you wonder how you can make this typical 8th March into a good initiative towards women’s equality and motivation, join and raise your hand to take a pledge for #ChooseToChallenge. This year, empowering every woman around you on International Women’s Day (IWD) 2021 celebrated on 8th March.

2. Enhance her self-esteem through your words and actions

If you empower one woman today, this empowered woman will empower several other women, making a difference. The best way to empower her is to boost her self-esteem. Any act starts taking shape within ourselves and from our home. So, change your mindset towards your sister, daughter, wife, and cousins, and give them freedom to speech, freedom to dress, and freedom to put their point across. Tell them to be confident in their own self as there is no right way to dress, to think, and to work like. She is her own boss. And, give her the confidence that you will always be there to get her back if she made any mistake.

3. Give validation to her self-expressive nature.

Living in the present so-called media-oriented society, everyone must have encountered such incidences in which a female is bullied for taking her stand and putting her point out in public. In such situations, the best action is to support that woman by taking a stand for her. Let her know that you have respect for her story or truth and understand how difficult it is to face all this. Applause her for her act of bravery and let others also take it as an example.

4. Instead of complimenting her body, compliment her soul & mind.

Women are indeed the epitome of grace, beauty, and attraction, and hence, they get a lot of compliments and appreciation for their hair, skin, body, walk, etc. This International Women’s Day 2021 brings in a change within yourself that instead of only complimenting a lady for her body and looks, appreciate her work and efforts. Tell her how much you are impressed with the bravery she has shown in her life and achieve all this success. Let us know that she is the perfect example of “Shero” in your life from who you get so much motivation and inspiration. These compliments will make her feel on cloud nine for sure.

5. Let them be a free bird.

Everyone wants their solitude time, whether you are male or female, working or non-working. It is in the women’s nature to prioritize the social life of others over their own. And, with time, everyone around even forgets that females in your life need alone time as well. You must have seen your mom, wife, and sister working every time but, have you ever thought they need a break too? This is what you need to change on this IWD 2021. Take your special lady hero to a spa or on a weekend getaway so that she can take a break from her chores as well. This is how you motivate and take care of her.

6. Let her take a stand.

The best way to promote others is to step back. If you see any woman in office or home willing to add something in the discussions, then step back and pass the mic. This gesture of yours can boost her self-confidence and motive her to put her point across. This can be practiced in your family as well. Give your sister, daughter, mother, and wife a chance to participate in the discussion. Let her explain what she felt right as the solution for any problem. This will help her to take a stand for herself in life and keep her point across.

7. Invest in women

If any woman around you is willing to start your business, don’t let her feel that she can’t do it. Motivate her to start your business and if she needs some investment from your side, then go out of your way to her. Seeing a capable and skilled woman struggling to make her life, take a pledge to do what you can do for her this Women’s Day 2021.

8. Instead of being thankless, start thanking her.

Women around you in the home and office do a lot of things for you. But, do you remember when was the last time you thanked her and appreciated her for her efforts? You must have said thanks to your office friends, but we bet you have not acknowledged your mother, wife, sister, or daughter for her chores. This 8th March, make it more like a habit to admire her and thank her for her efforts and work. Acknowledge her actions and express your gratitude to value her.

9. Normalize the word “Feminist.”

Being a feminist has always been considered a big trolling thing. But, with the onset of 2021, it is needed to normalize using the word feminist. Feminism is not only about raising a voice for the women’s choice of dress and midnight parties but, it is more about raising your hand for gender equality and equal human rights. Supporting feminism is about supporting all those wonder women in our lives struggling for equality, good education, right to speech, right to think, and many more issues are there in the list. So, this 2021, promote being feminist as the #NewNormal to honor Women’s Day.

10. Woman for woman

We have traveled a long road to empower women and make them feel motivated in this male-driven society, and we have indeed succeeded in many aspects. In this fight for women’s rights and equality, we all have noticed that our women are not supporting each other. Whether it is a mother, sister, or friend, many females do not let other women break the tradition. They still feel that educating girls should not be practiced, a working woman is not wife material, women in saree are outdated, and women in jeans are so modern, and they both are dangerous for the reputation. Well, if you are dreaming of empowering women and changing the world, change yourself first; the rest will change on its own.

Changing one person’s thought process can be only, but when it comes to the nation, the job becomes challenging, and when it is about fighting with your people and relatives, one cannot even imagine the difficulties. This is what needs to be changed, not the women of today. Celebrate International Women’s Day in UAE with the same zeal and enthusiasm and take a pledge to initiate women empowerment within your home.

Closing Thoughts:

We hope that all the aforementioned steps for women empowerment must guide you in the path of motivating and supporting “Shero” in your life and around you. So, choose any of these steps on this International Women’s Day 2021 and make this day a memorable affair for every special female in your life. Basically, several ways are there to achieve women empowerment, and the above-mentioned ones are a few of them. Apart from them, one most special and a bit common way to make her feel special on 8th March is giving her a token of love from our Women’s Day gift guide and express how important she is in your life.

Gift-giving can be a daunting job, and when it is about choosing a special gift for your special lady, whether it is your mom, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend, or any female around you, the task becomes a bit more daunting and challenging. This is because some extraordinary and thoughtful women’s day gifts are needed to make the day worthwhile. But, our gem females are so kind-hearted that even a flower works extraordinarily for them. Flowerdeliveryuae.ae is one reputable and popular online gifting store in the UAE. People can get here vast aisles of gifting catalogs loaded with several trendy and latest gift options perfect for embellishing every big and small moment of togetherness. For the coming International Women’s Day 2021 as well, we have come up with a huge line-up of women’s day flowers, cakes for women’s day, personalized gifts for women’s day, and a lot more variety. So, check our brand new gifting range and hands on the best gifts at reasonable price rates for the IWD celebration. Order now and send women’s day gifts online to make this day grander and special for your female gems now.

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