5 Bollywood Inspired Party Ideas for Jaw-Dropping Diwali Celebration in UAE!!
Diwali Celebration in UAE

5 Bollywood Inspired Party Ideas for Jaw-Dropping Diwali Celebration in UAE!!

Diwali is presumably perhaps the most anticipated celebration for Hindu, for which people eagerly wait throughout the year. This auspicious Indian festival is considered the festival of the pre-winter gathering and the victory of good over evil. Expats and inhabitants in UAE also look forward to anticipating special events and hidden celebrations of Diwali in the emirates. If you are in Dubai or any part of the United Arab Emirates, you know people here celebrate Deepawali wholeheartedly. Diwali celebration in Dubai is the main Hindu festival celebrated all over UAE with certain significant events, concerts, and fireworks. Known as the “Festival of Lights,” where “light” is an analogy for positivity, truth, goodwill, knowledge, and power, the 5-days long festival is exceptionally celebratory, with loads of music, travel, and eating, alongside some Hindu customs.

When is Diwali 2021 in UAE?

when is diwali

Deepawali Day 1: Gowatsa Dwadashi, Ekadashi

  • Date: 1st November 2021
  • Day: Monday / सोमवार

Deepawali Day 2: Dhanteras Lakshmi Kuber

  • Date: 2nd November 2021
  • Day: Tuesday / मंगलवार

Deepawali Day 3: Kali Chaudas, Hanuman Puja

  • Date: 3rd November 2021
  • Day: Wednesday / बुधवार

Deepawali Day 4: Diwali Lakshmi Ganesha Puja

  • Date: 4th November 2021
  • Day: Thursday / गुरूवार

Deepawali Day 5: Govardhan Puja

  • Date: 5th November 2021
  • Day: Friday / शुक्रवार

Deepawali Day 6: Bhaiya Dooj

  • Date: 6th November 2021
  • Day: Saturday / शनिवार

The date of the Diwali festival changes each year according to the Lunar schedule. This year, Diwali will be celebrated on 4th November 2021 all over the world. Diwali is likewise considered an official holiday in many countries.

One of the most happening Middle Eastern cities, Dubai has countless Indians even though it is possibly not a part of India. Not only have Indians constructed themselves a well-settled life here, but they also influenced the way of life and food in the city. However, the official religion followed in Dubai and across the UAE is Islam; the nation is decent and inviting to different beliefs. Despite the little Hindu populace, its effect on the city is obvious with the merriments of Diwali in Dubai.

Diwali in Dubai is a 5-day long celebration, with the auspicious day of the Deepawali festival falling on the third day on the New Moon. Two mail celebrations fall before Diwali, i.e., Dhanteras and Choti Diwali, and it is prevailed by two another most special and auspicious days – Goverdhan Pooja and Bhai Dooj.

Diwali Celebrations in the UAE

Diwali Celebrations in the UAE

The Diwali festivities in the UAE share a ton of similitudes with those of the remainder of the world, but for certain minor contrasts. Jains, Sikhs, and a few Buddhists additionally praise the celebration of lights.

  • The arrangements start with ‘Dhanteras,’ which incorporates a custom to clean every house corner multi-week before the celebration. Individuals begin redesigning their homes, disposing of useless things, and buying new stuff like kitchen apparatuses, gadgets, garments, vehicles, and so on.
  • Earthen oil lights are lit for the following five days and are intended to eliminate the darkness and disperse evil. The subsequent day is likewise alluded to as ‘Chhoti Diwali.’ An assortment of Indian desserts and gifts are sent among loved ones, along with wishes and warm greetings.
  • The third day or the “Diwali” is a significant part of the festival season. People wear their best outfits, put together firecrackers, meetings alongside gatherings, and extraordinary occasions to mark new beginnings with positivity and blessings from Laxmi and Ganesha. People also look for Diwali decoration ideas for home to make this special festival memorable and unique and make their home party-ready.
  • Embellishments like rangolis are one of the most famous ways of making Deepawali more special and blissful. The fourth day is principally stately, with numerous festivals showing the end of the reaping season.

Bollywood Inspired Party Ideas to Celebrate Diwali in UAE

bollywood party ideas

Bollywood is an entire world in itself. It’s glamourous, it’s energetic, blingy with bright stars, and shines from the perspective of our comfortable love seats and cinemas. The Indian Cinema is known for its tremendous and vivid depiction of scenes, the epic dance number, and the variety of songs, perfect for gingering up the auspicious festival of Diwali. Have you ever thought how epic the sets are, exactly how rich, stylish, and trendy, ruling social media and people’s hearts! Regardless of whether it is Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s superb and resplendent arrangements of Padmavat or the vivid arrangements of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani with its differentiating and energetically rich scenes of Aditi’s marriage, we as a whole gaze in wonder at the film screens when such captivating setting with brilliant style involves our screens. And, if we talk about the jaw-dropping part of any movie, it’s none other than the dramatic, energetic, and iconic Bollywood Diwali party!

If it had been possible back then, everyone would want to decorate their homes in Bollywood style at least once. There must be so many overpowering stylistic themes for Diwali party at home must be running in your mind. To help you out with Diwali party ideas at home in Bollywood style, we considered curating the most epic home decoration and housewarming party ideas for you all. So, without any second thoughts in mind, make sure to check the list and start preparing to make your home ready for the Diwali coming very soon.

1. Devdas Candle Decoration for Diwali

Devdas Candle Decoration

Remember listening to the iconic song “Dola Re Dola” on repeat and crushing over the grand dream-like set of Devdas? The days when all there was to do was duplicate Dola re Dola steps, wrap Maa’s dupatta and get into its rhythm? Those were the days to remember and cherish for a lifetime, right? As extravagant as the fancy and lavish set of Devdas, all things considered, give your family room a rich makeover with the flickering little diyas and candles for what it’s worth to welcome guests on Diwali in UAE. You can buy Diwali candles online in Dubai to get the same royal and stunning feel of Devdas time. Your guests will not stop appreciating your efforts for sure.

2. Padmavat Traditional Diwali Decoration

Padmavat Traditional Diwali Decoration

Indeed, accomplish the brilliant and warm look with a customary makeover of your home on Diwali with the Padmavat set. Add that imperishable position with vintage candle holders, a regal-looking bedsheet, and pillowcases, supplementing the vintage look with some glorious kitchen fundamentals, and not to forget to add diyas all over your house. To finish everything off this Diwali, dress in Indian attire to spruce up the traditional feel and vibe. If you are inviting your Emirati guests for the party, you can organize an Indian-theme Diwali party where all have to wear Indian dresses. This will fill your heart with warmth and festive delights for sure.

3. Bajirao Mastani Home Decoration with Curtains

Bajirao Mastani Home Decoration

The most agile and exemplary look of all, this one from the arrangement of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani, has outshone every one of them with its shades of white-hued style curtains that is really stunning. Moderate to the eyes, it’s as ageless and appealing as it gets. Thus, change your living room into the most effortless and gorgeous look. It has checked out any point ever by styling it with light-colored curtains in different styles. You can decorate your windows and balcony with bright curtains. And, for a rich look, pair the decoration with lights and lamps.

Also, you can add minimal stylish initiating components like the lovely golden cocktail glasses or corroded gems boxes, grayish pads, or tea-light holders. This look would, without a doubt, make people question exactly how you accomplished this one!

4. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Flower Decoration for Diwali

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Flower Decoration

The contemporary feel and style of Aditi’s wedding were totally worth drooling over. Set in the midst of the scenery of the city of lakes, the stylistic layout, especially, was so warm and essentially filled with goodness! Along these lines, this Diwali gives your home a rich and stylish royal look with flower decorations. Add a sprinkle of style and artfulness with shading composed drapes and put some brilliant lights over. Add a stand-out light to hold the fascination set up with lamps and lanterns for the most pleasant hint of style.

Goodness and blossoms! Remember the blossoms! Be them jasmine, roses, or sunflowers. Toss in a great deal of shading, differentiating pads as well to finish the look. You can easily get flower decorations for Diwali to make your home ready and the Deepawali celebration.

5. Hum Aapke Hain Kaun Inspired Shayari Competition

Inspired Shayari Competition

Any festivity or celebration is incomplete without involving some fun games and activities in the party. And, when you are organizing a Diwali party at your home in UAE, you cannot neglect the importance of games. You must have seen a lot of SoorajBarjatya films having interesting Shayari competitions on Diwali, anniversary, and birthday events. You, too, can get inspired by these films and organize a Shayari or Bollywood song competition for your party. This will enhance the charm of the party and will make it fun-filled and an event to remember.

The Final Takeaway

All things considered, these Diwali party ideas in UAE were a portion of the absolute best stylistic layout thoughts propelled by Bollywood. Obviously, there are so many more! You could generally choose to with the Boho-themed Diwali party in Dubai, which is an outright take. Or, on the other hand, the Rajasthani look with a Lil piece of legacy kind of energy going, or keep it insignificant with the one shading topic that will doll up your home for Deepawali 2021. However, it is that you decide to embellish your homes this Diwali, be certain not to neglect gifts as the best Diwali gifts to your friends and family from your side will make this day more special and memorable for them.

Indeed, we know, you’ll most likely be shuffling the Diwali stylistic decoration ideas for homes and offices to arrive at the stage of choosing the best gifts for Diwali for loved ones. So, we went a step ahead to do it for you! Look at definitive Diwali gift ideas in UAE from Flowerdeliveryuae.ae, and choose what to gift whom! To make your gifting experience considerably more issue-free, our extraordinary assortment of Diwali Gifts includes trendy, bestselling, and affordable gift options only. Moreover, you can send Diwali gifts Dubai online from Flower Delivery UAE from any part of the Emirate with our fast, reliable, and on-time delivery services.

So, begin your online Diwali shopping and have a happy N safe Diwali 2021 with Flower Delivery UAE!!

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