7 Trendy Wedding Cakes Ruling 2022!!
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7 Trendy Wedding Cakes Ruling 2022!!

Wedding!!! It is not merely a word synonym to marriage, but a wholehearted dreamy moment for which everyone waits and plans right from their childhood. Wedding preparation is easier said than done, and when it comes to choosing the best wedding cake for the Emirati wedding, the job becomes even more daunting and tricky. The United Arab Emirates is loaded with prominent and popular cake shops screaming with a myriad of cake designs, flavors, shapes, and varieties to doll up your wedding celebration.

This pandemic might have put a full stop to your celebrations and get-togethers for now, but the case will not be the same forever. So, if you have your wedding scheduled in 2021, the heartiest congratulations to you and your love of life. While planning for your memorable wedding, the first thing striking to the mind is their wedding cake. People leave no stone unturned to find the best wedding cakes in UAE to make their wedding day a memorable affair for both and your guests by serving them a flavorful cake.

The job of finding a perfect wedding cake is super fun and interesting, but is incredibly confusing as well. So, to help you further get the best cake design for your most-awaited wedding ceremony, we have curate this fantastic range of wedding cakes for 2021. From edible flowers to cake personalization to geode detailing; the range is divine and heavenly. They are the ideals to send wedding cakes online to your dear couples as well.

So, without any further ado, let us get stated:

Table of Content

  • Floral Wedding Cakes
  • Sculptural Wedding Cakes
  • One-Tier Wedding Cakes
  • Colorful Wedding Cakes
  • Minimalist Wedding Cakes
  • Textured Wedding Cakes
  • Themed Wedding Cakes

So, get ready to fall in Love with these jaw-dropping 2021’s trending Wedding Cakes:

Floral Wedding Cakes

Floral Wedding Cakes

Flowers and expressing emotions are two things that go hand in hand. This is why; every occasion calls for beautiful floral decorations. From jazzing up the dinner table to enhancing every corner of the place, floral decorations infuse more liveliness to the celebration. And, this tradition has extended to the path of cakes as well. From the fresh-pressed flowers to the edible sugar flowers, floral decorations have made the Wedding cake designs more elegant and expressive. As far as the top cake bakers’ experience is concerned, many of them have witnessed and mentioned that floral decorations on the cakes are the timeless and more elegant wedding cake designing techniques.

Furthermore, couples can take cake designing inspiration from the internet catalogs or the cake of their favorite couples’ wedding cakes to get their lavish cake to doll up the wedding celebration.

Here, we have listed some of the best floral wedding cakes you can choose from for your wedding celebration. Do check them out:

  • Wedding Cakes with orange & blue flowers
  • Wedding Cakes with rose tiers
  • Wedding Cakes with tropical floral decoration
  • Wedding Cakes with white & green flowers
  • Wedding Cakes with cherry blossoms
  • Wedding Cakes with ornate sugar flowers

Sculptural Wedding Cakes

Sculptural Wedding Cakes

The task of designing wedding cakes is the combination of artistic work and conceptual designs. The top bakers see their wedding cake project as the canvas and give their best to present their clients the ideal cake for the wedding celebration. For all those couples who wish their wedding cakes to be more than the ordinary and floral confections, they can go with the sculptural wedding cakes. This is one of the most preferred and widely popular cake variants for the wedding ceremony. But, for this, couples have to make sure that they call for a professional cake baker who can masterfully prepare their dream cake. Sculptural cakes for the wedding are multi-dimensional cakes, perfect for catching the attention of the wedding guests. Just like floral wedding cakes, you can take inspiration from the internet or the wedding cake catalogs because it is easier said than done to create the “Pinnacle of the Wedding Day.”

The best sculptural Wedding Cakes to jazz up the wedding celebration are:

  • Wedding Cakes with brush strokes
  • Staircase Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Cakes with gold leaves
  • Wedding Cakes with artistic drawing
  • Wedding Cakes with traditional drawings

One-Tier Wedding Cakes

One-Tier Wedding Cakes

We are talking about the trendy wedding cakes of 2022, and COVID rules and guidelines are the topmost priority for everyone organizing any grand celebration. If you wish to plan the wedding day in 2022, you have to follow the government guidelines while inviting the wedding guests to your Emirati wedding. And, when you will have only 50 to 100 guests to attend your wedding, there is no need for big and massive wedding cakes. To meet the requirements of such circumstances, one-tier wedding cakes are launched. These cakes are the ideal variants couples can include in micro weddings.

If you cannot order a full-size grand wedding cake, this not at all means that your wedding will be untouched by the incredible taste and significance of the delightful cakes. So, you can order mini wedding cakes for the elopements to serve your guests with the gorgeous petite confection.

The several varieties of one-tire Wedding Cakes are:

  • One-tier Wedding Cakes with floral designs
  • Hand-painted one-tire Wedding Cakes
  • Buttercream one-tire Wedding Cakes
  • One-tire Wedding Cakes with monstera leaf decoration
  • One-tier Wedding Cake with a modern monogram

Colorful Wedding Cakes

Colorful Wedding Cakes

There is nothing more exciting and happening than seeing different colors on the most special day of your life. Your wedding day is undoubtedly the most memorable day of your life, and just like every other couple, you must have also dreamt of making this one-day celebration your memorable affair. And this can be done with perfection if you have a colorful and gorgeous cake at your wedding. Yes, you heard it right! Not only flowers and sculptures but beautiful colors blended with delightful flavors can also be considered as the best way to make your wedding special.

The range of colorful Wedding Cakes includes:

  • Wedding Cakes with flower patches
  • Black Wedding Cakes
  • Pastel-colored Wedding Cakes
  • Rustic orange Wedding Cakes
  • Square Wedding Cakes

Minimalist Wedding Cakes

Minimalist Wedding Cakes

If you belong to the aisle of people who do not like too many dramatic scenes to their wedding cake, a minimalist wedding cake will make the best choice for them. As “less is more,” and this applies to the wedding cakes as well, you can ask your cake baker for some of the latest and trendy caked for the “Knot Ceremony.” Again, the best way to take inspiration for the best wedding cake design is through online catalogs. Also, you can ask the baker for the portfolio and can take an idea from there.

The range of minimalist wedding cakes includes:

  • Simple Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Cakes with pink flowers
  • Wedding Cakes with ruffles
  • Wedding Cakes with white floral decoration
  • Wedding Cake with fern decoration
  • Hand-painted Wedding Cakes

Textured Wedding Cakes

Textured Wedding Cakes

Fondant, vanilla, Buttercream; whatever the cake icing method you have chosen for your wedding cake decoration, the one thing that changed over time is the way to decorate the cake. There is no such hard and fast rule to give your cake an even finish to make it look good or the wedding-appropriate. That is why; textured wedding cakes are getting popularity day-by-day.

The best-selling textured wedding cakes are:

  • Ocean themed Wedding Cakes
  • Wedding Cake with wreath decoration
  • Wedding cakes with 3-D flower decoration
  • Animation themed Wedding Cakes
  • Naked Wedding Cakes

Themed Wedding Cakes

Themed Wedding Cakes

For all those who love to have everything themed and more than the regular ones, a themed wedding cake will work perfectly for them. Choosing theme cakes for your “The Day” is also an excellent way of sending a wedding invitation for the guests. Couples can send a dedicated theme cake to the guests to tell them about the wedding theme instead of sending cards or notes.

Some of the best-selling themed Wedding Cakes are:

  • Wedding Cakes with colorful floral decorations
  • Wedding Cakes with hand-painted flowers
  • Artistic Wedding Cakes
  • Wedding Cakes with Monograms
  • Personalized Wedding Cakes

Warm Closings

Every cake we have presented in this share has its significant role to play in every wedding. Whether you plan for a lavish wedding celebration or have some closed ones on your intimate wedding day, a beautiful wedding cake will ideally encompass it all. No matter what size you have chosen, no matter the cake design, and no matter what the wedding cake cost is, a wedding is the most memorable moment for everyone, and it should hold the same importance. The wedding exuberance can vary in terms of intentions, interest, and standards. But, one thing that should remain constant at the top priority is the quality of the cake. A wedding cake is a mouthwatering confection that holds the love epitome for couples. That is why; it is essential to be attentive and cautious while ordering a wedding cake Dubai from any cake shop.

Flowerdeliveryuae.ae can lend you a helping hand, enabling you to have the best experience of gorging on a wedding cake. This is one of the best and most prominent online cake shops having a wide range of flavorful and delicious cakes for every occasion. Not only for the wedding, but you can get a perfect flavored cake for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, housewarming parties, and whatnot. Just name it, and Flower Delivery UAE will help you get the best cake for every special occasion for you. With the exclusive range of cakes, we also have fast, reliable, and fail-safe online cake delivery in UAE so that our esteemed customers can send cakes online to their loved ones.

Last but not least, there could be no better way to end this beautiful wedding cake journey other than these humorous lines by James Thurber –

“The most dangerous food is wedding cake.”

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