9 Best Feng Shui Lucky Plants for Your Home & Office

9 Best Feng Shui Lucky Plants for Your Home & Office

Plants are green gifts for nature, considered good friends of humans for many reasons. They are great listeners and are always there when you need them. Plants purify the air by eliminating harmful substances and keeping them in pairs balances yin and yang. In ancient times, people used to understand ecological balance better. They used to plant any tree of their choice as plants and trees are deeply rooted in ancient Indian traditions. Although many plants are luck bringers, Feng Shui plants enhance good luck, prosperity, and fortune. Keeping plants at home and office in a particular direction will add to the tranquility and well-being. So, buy plants online to benefit the environment and have a blessed life. Today, we will discuss the importance of lucky plants, well-known to harness good energy and positive vibes into our lives. Here we go!

1. Money Plant:

money plants

One of the most famous Feng Shui Plants is the money plant. Pachira Aquatica or Money Plant is best to keep in the southeast direction of your home and office to repel the negative energy and attract wealth. The money plant requires direct sunlight and can easily survive in low light. It is a low-maintenance plant; you can water it every 7 to 10 days. So, why wait? Order a money plant online for your mom, dad, spouse, partner, or any beloved person to bring wealth, health, and prosperity to their life.

2. Lucky Bamboo Plant:

lucky bamboo plant

More we say, and less it may seem about the lucky bamboo plant or Dracaena S anderiana plant. It is a versatile plant and can be kept anywhere in the home and office. Do you know that this Feng Shui plant brings prosperity and abundance to the person caring for it? When kept in the southeast direction, the lucky bamboo plant brings money; when kept in the east, this plant attracts health. Besides, according to Asian and Chinese culture, lucky bamboo plants are the best gifts for housewarming occasions and will gracefully beautify the environment. Buy a lucky plant for friends and family, as it is a low-maintenance plant that requires minimal watering and can survive in a temperature range of 18 to 35 degree Celsius.

3. Holy Basil/Tulsi Plant:

tulsi plants

Tulsi Plant needs no introduction. It is a sacred plant that is easily found in Indian households. The most promising direction for Tulsi Plant is north, north-east, and east direction of home & office to eradicate harmful energy and boost positivity. Holy Basil Plant has medicinal health benefits too. It reduces psychological stress and normalizes blood glucose and blood pressure. One must water it regularly, and the plant should receive 6-8 hours of sunlight per day to thrive.

4. Snake Plant:

snake plants

A lucky snake plant is essential because it protects your home and office, especially new businesses, from all the negativity. Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue plant or Sansevieria Trifasciata absorbs all the poisonous toxins & gases from the air and removes carbon dioxide and thus provides maximum protection. You can buy a snake plant for your home and office; it is a low-maintenance plant that only gives positive vibes, wealth, strength, and power in return. The best location to keep a snake plant is in the southeast direction.

5. Rubber Plant:

rubber plants

Ficus Elastica, or rubber plant, is considered a luck-boosting plant; keeping it in the southeast direction will bring wealth. The rubber Plant is an indoor Feng Shui Plant with round-shaped foliage that symbolizes money and prosperity. It is also a natural air purifier that thrives in bright, indirect sunlight.

6. Aloe Vera Plant:

aloe vera plants

The importance of a lucky Aloe Vera plant or Aloe Barbadians Miller is that keeping it in the east or north direction will reduce the toxins from the air and activate the most vibrant energy in your house. Aloe Vera Plant is a succulent plant that miraculously cures many skin, hair, and heart disorders. Buy Aloe Vera Plant online as it is easy to care for. Only a few hours of indirect sunlight and an adequate water supply will help it grow indoors and outdoors, ensuring good luck and positive energy in the house.

7. Indoor Citrus Tree:

indoor citrus tree

The round citrus fruits on the trees resemble coins for wealth. It is believed that the more citrus trees you grow, the luckier you get. A citrus tree placed in your home on an open south-facing window will cure Vastu Dosha and attract good luck. Citrus lemon trees are good for health and also brighten the surroundings. The more open and sunnier your citrus lemon tree is, the more you benefit.

8. Jade Plant:

jade plant

Buy & send indoor Jade Plant online. It is a famous Feng Shui Plant with small rounded leaves and brings wealth and good luck if placed in the southeast corner of the house. Keeping the Jade plant or Crassula Ovata in the east will encourage health, harmony, and business. And it will boost creativity and luck in your children’s life if you keep it in the west direction. Jade needs at least 4 hours of sunlight per day.

9. Rose Plant:

rose plants

Keeping a blooming rose flower plant in the southwest & sunny corner of the house will bring vitality and improve mental health. Rose symbolizes passion and romance and attracts good fortune. So, order a rose plant for him/her online to attractively convey your feelings.

Closing Views:

Healthy and vibrant Feng Shui lucky plants have made their importance much more than just home d├ęcor items. Whether rose, Tulsi, money plant, peace lily, or any indoor or outdoor plant online, they are natural air purifiers that fight off bad vibes and bad fortune to bring good luck and positivity. You can expect growth and happiness by keeping them in the right place per the Vastu direction and Feng Shui. Flowerdeliveryuae offers a variety of plants in Dubai & the UAE for all different occasions at the best price. Buy now!

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