Housewarming Party Ideas 2022!!
Housewarming Party Ideas

Housewarming Party Ideas 2022!!

“I want my home to be that kind of place–a place of sustenance, a place of invitation, a place of welcome.” –                                                            Mary DeMuth

Have you just moved to your new home? Well, very heartiest congratulations to you and your family for completing this milestone with your hard work and dedication. The excitement of moving to a new home with your dear ones is non-comparable to any other feeling in the world. The emotion of leaving your old home and neighbors and the excitement of setting your new home is a perfect blend of blissfulness and happiness. As soon as all your packed boxes and furniture reach the new house, your new chapter of life started. Starting anew at a new place will give you so many excellent opportunities to excel in life. And, when you are starting a new chapter, you cannot forget your friends and close ones in this happiest moment of your life. And, to encompass this, there could be nothing better than a housewarming party 2022.

From the new furniture to fresh home décor, almost everything about the new home excites the homeowners and motivates them to do more and more hard work to succeed in every step of life. First thing first – take a deep breath and recognize how beautifully your dedication paid off in terms of this gorgeous property you have, to call it your home!! To begin settling it, always remember there is no need to rush. Everything will fall in place if you move organized with the flow. So, take small steps to set your new home. From decorating your new backyard to relax to set your kitchen as per some celebrity-inspired ones, your home will be the best place catering to your dreams. But, don’t you think something is missing? Your new house lacks warmth and good vibes when you first move in. Not only setting in all the stuff and households make a place your home to live in. This calls for a housewarming party! If you have never given any new house party, no need to be so tensed as we got you covered with this share, including “Housewarming Party Ideas.”

“Any home can be a castle when the king and the queen are in love.”

So, laid back and let us begin your journey to make your first-ever housewarming a memorable

Table of Content

• Significance of Housewarming Party
• Best Housewarming Party – Step-by-step Guide
• Best Theme-Based Housewarming Party Ideas
• Virtual Housewarming Party – The Lock down Edition
• Housewarming Invitation Card Ideas

So, without any further ado, let us get started for a successful Housewarming Party –

“That house was…a perfect house, whether you like food or sleep, or story-telling or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all. Merely to be there was a cure for weariness, fear and sadness.” –               J.R.R. Tolkien

Significance of Housewarming Party

In many countries like India, housewarming is also known as “Grihapravesham,” i.e., the tradition of settling into a new home. The process of moving into the new house is a sacred ritual having utmost significance in life after entering into the new house. The process of entering into the new home determines the future of people residing there. If you are unaware of the fact that the housewarming ceremony holds utmost importance for future harmony, then this share will be very useful for you.

Have a look at the points to know why performing a housewarming ceremony is essential:

• The housewarming ceremony is considered very auspicious when any new building is built. In the Indian language, the housewarming ceremony is known as “Griha Pravesh Pujan,” conducted to make the house alive and in the right condition.

• No one wants to move into a house that is not consecrated. The right form of energy in your house is very important, and for glorifying your home, a housewarming ceremony plays a very important role.

• The holy ceremony of housewarming performed in your new place will enable people living there to carve their path towards wellbeing.

• Every culture has its roots in the ritual of performing a housewarming ceremony at the new place, stating no person should live in an unconsecrated home. That is why; the first thing to be done after moving your stuff is performing a housewarming ceremony.

• The auspicious housewarming ritual also helps people to generate a conducive atmosphere in and around their homes.

• Nowadays, the meaning of housewarming has changed to 360°. People gather, they eat, grove, and got a house tour. But, this will not take you towards well being but will become an uphill task. That is why; it is very important to perform the housewarming ceremony in the traditional way for good fortune.

• The basic reason to perform housewarming rituals is to bring positivity, good luck, good fortune, calmness, and good health to people residing there.

“May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility.” –                                                    Mary Anne Radmacher

Best Housewarming Party – Step-by-Step Guide

After your boxes reach your new home, you are all set for a fantastic housewarming party. The most important thing you should keep in mind is to avoid the rush. There is no hard and fast rule to through party as soon as your shift in there. You can take your time to settle your business, decorate your home, make friends with your neighbors, and whatever it requires to calm down your tensed nerves. If you will be in a hurry, the thing will never fall in place. That is why; it is advisable to take your time preparing for your housewarming party. And, to help you organize everything, a checklist will surely help you get things done with perfection.

Owing to this, we have carefully curated this checklist kind of thing for you all. All the points we’ve put together will make your housewarming party a stress-free & memorable experience for you and your loving guests. So, let us have a look at the housewarming party checklist:

Plan Ahead: The first and foremost thing you should do to make your housewarming a fantastic experience is to plan ahead for the party carefully and cautiously. If you prepare for the party ideas and everything initially, you will not rush for anything at the last moment.

Prepare the Guest List: The second most crucial thing a party host should do is to prepare the guest list. Guest list preparation is such a hectic job, and if you do it at priority beforehand, it will make the housewarming process a less stressful and tricky job. Also, one more advantage you will get by shortlisting your guests in the first step is that there is no chance of forgetting your important guests.

Choose appropriate Date & Time: After you have prepared your guest list, the next thing to decide is your party date and time. Generally, both these points go simultaneously. You can choose first the date & time and then go for the guest list. Both the date and time should be according to your personal space when you can greet your guests. Also, keep in mind to choose one such date on which your guests can easily make it to the party.

Make your Party-Ready: The next important thing to do to get your home party-ready is cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering. It literally goes without saying that to make your place ideal for organizing a party, organizing your furniture and everything plays a crucial role. So, make sure to de-clutter things little by little before getting into the party decoration.

Send Party Invitations: After you have your guest list ready, the date & timing decided, and a clean house to have fun, next comes the task of inviting your guests. You don’t have owls to send invitations to your friends as Harry Potter does, but emails and text invites can help to do the job.

Party Decorations: Now, it’s time to make your place party-appropriate with some decent yet quirky decorations. Basically, the main purpose of throwing a housewarming party is to show your new home to your friends and relatives. So, give your house a decent look that suits the housewarming party theme.

Handle the Food Department: You cannot please everyone at the party. So, keep the easily available food items, no one can deny for. You can keep a bunch of options like noodles & pasta, different variants of bread, stew & soups, cold drinks & cocktails in your party to serve the guests. To reduce the hassle of serving food and drinks, you can opt for a buffet system for your housewarming party.

• Playlist for the Party: A party without music is like food without spices. A good playlist is the best way to entertain your guests and jazz up the housewarming party.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” –                                                                                                          William Morris

Best Theme-Based Housewarming Party Ideas

We have prepared the checklist for the housewarming party and know how many guests will be there at what date and at which time. This will help us a lot in the preparation of the housewarming party. But, the question is, what will be the theme of the party? Nowadays, the party trend is inclining towards theme-based parties, and the same goes with the housewarming parties as well. By setting a theme for your party, you can go for a color coordination dress theme as well.

Some of the trendy Housewarming party themes are:

Potluck Housewarming Party Theme: Having a potluck-themed party will save your time involved in cooking and preparing food for the party.

Unpacking Housewarming Party Theme: If you have not unpacked yet, act wisely and organize an unpacking-themed party where guests will help you unpack your stuff, and in return, they will get pizza and your house tour.

Tropical Garden Housewarming Party Theme: If you are a nature lover, there could be no better option than organizing a garden theme party. You can use gorgeous flowers and plants for the decoration.

Hollywood Housewarming Party Theme: Who doesn’t get inspired by the jazzy and outrageous Hollywood party themes? We know how inappropriate this question is as everyone wishes to have such lavish parties once in their life. If you also belong to such an aisle, this is your chance to throw a Hollywood-style housewarming party.

Movie Night Housewarming Party Theme: If your mind has no clue what special to do on bash day, just be yourself and invite some close friends over to give them a house tour. You can choose a movie night theme for such situations and can chill with your friends cum guests.

“Home, the spot of earth supremely blest, A dearer, sweeter spot than all the rest.” –                                                                                                                      Robert Montgomery

Virtual Housewarming Party – The Lockdown Edition

After so many years of hard work and struggle, buying your dream house is undoubtedly a perfect excuse for the celebration. And, this happiness can combat the sadness of lockdown too. But, the only problem you might face is gatherings are not allowed. And, any celebration without the presence of your near and dear ones is not a celebration at all. But, there is no need to be tensed or disheartened as we are here with a sure sort solution. You can still share the happiness of achieving this milestone with a virtual housewarming party.

Yes, you heard it right! You cannot organize a traditional in-person housewarming party, but with virtual parties, you can share happiness with your near and dear ones over a zoom call. We have curated this list having some best virtual housewarming party ideas to help you have the best day in your new home. So, let us get started:

A virtual home tour: One very important thing at a housewarming party is your home tour. Your dear ones will be extremely excited to see how you have decked up your place. For this, you can either film the house tour beforehand or send the link to everyone beforehand. This will not create any confusion during the video conferencing.

Send some token of love: One of the perks of virtual parties is you don’t have to take care of food, decoration, and music. So, by the time, you can invest some minutes in sending a small token of appreciation or for saying thank you to everyone who has been your constant support during this journey of yours.

Virtual gift opening ceremony: If you have received some gifts from your friends or relatives at the housewarming ceremony, the video call with your squad is the best time for the gift opening. This will make the virtual party more interesting and fun. You can also ask your friends or virtual guests for some home décor tips.

Theme for Virtual Housewarming: If you are up for some fun and interesting activities in your virtual housewarming part, you can go for theme-based parties as well. It is quite difficult to include housewarming party games, but with the party theme and color-coordinated dresses, your virtual party will be so much fun, for sure.

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” –                                                                                                                               Robert Frost

Housewarming Invitation Card Ideas

Are you the one who is struggling to find the best housewarming invitation messages for inviting your guests to be a part of the most special day of your life? Well, if yes, then we are here to help. We have prepared this list having some easy peasy and interesting messages for the housewarming invitation cards.

Some common and catchy housewarming invitation messages are:

• My family and I have been eagerly working for this day to come, and we are super proud to you’re your invitation to be here with us on our happiest day. It’s our housewarming party, and we want to share happiness with you. Thanks a lot for believing in us and being a part of our hard journey.

• Hard work and dedication has led us to this blissful day in our life. We are finally in our own house. It would become a home only after your presence will grace us at the housewarming party. So, please make yourself free to be a part of our celebration & happiness.

• Extremely happy and proud to invite you to my housewarming party! Yes, I finally made it possible to have something I can call my home. Without your support and guidance, it would never be possible to do this. Please be here at the housewarming party with your family.

• We are very happy and glad to send you an invitation to the housewarming party. We have finally moved to our dream house, and the celebration is incomplete without your remarkable presence. We cordially invite you and your family to our nest for dinner and some good wine.

• We have many boxes and furniture to build our house, but we require your smile face to call it home. Please consider this invitation our personal request to be a part of our happiness and make this day more special for us.

“A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.” –                                                                                                                             Ralph Waldo Emerson

Final Words:

A housewarming party having your loved ones will fill your place with warmth and positive vibes. To honor your new digs, make sure to keep your party realistic. Keep the decoration minimal so that the true beauty of your home can be reflected in its true form. The aforementioned points will result in a successful new house honor bash with fewer efforts and more productivity.

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Last but not least, Flower Delivery UAE wishes you all the very best for the new chapter of your life. May your life get more and more happiness and abundance of success after your step-in your new home!!

“Every house where love abides And friendship is a guest, Is surely home, and home sweet home For there the heart can rest.” –                       Henry Van Dyke

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