Ramadan Gift Guide 2022: 30 Best Ramadan Gifts To Send Dubai!!

Ramadan Gift Guide 2022: 30 Best Ramadan Gifts To Send Dubai!!

Ramadan is the holy month of Islam religion which is all about fasting, praying, and giving. During this holy month, Muslims from all across the world fast and keep themselves away from indulging in all such activities that can be an obstacle in connecting to Allah. This year, in 2022, Ramadan is going to start from 2nd of April, that is, of course, not too far and everyone must have started preparing for this most blessed month of the Islamic calendar. Some must be thinking of the best and most energetic Iftari dishes and some must be indulged in finding the best décor ideas for Ramadan.

But, are not you forgetting something? What about the gifts that you will be giving to your dear ones on this amazing and most awaited festival? Many people in your life have contributed a lot in making your festival special. They can be your mother, sister, or wife who prepares several tasty Iftari dishes or the host who invites you to join them in the Iftar party. Don’t you want to reward or thank them for their sweet gesture? This can be done perfectly with Ramadan gifts!

Well, we know very well that searching for a perfect gift for Ramadan is haunting you and has consumed a lot of your valuable time. That’s why; Flower Delivery UAE is here with some amazing gift ideas for Ramadan celebration and Iftar party that your loved ones will surely appreciate and will make them enjoy the festive season in a great way. So, without wasting any more time, let us jump on the Ramadan gift guide 2022:

1. Cheerful Lightening for Homes

Ramadan without lights is almost incomplete. You can also consider the flickering, fairy, or tea lights for the gifting purpose as they will make everyone very happy and will also make their home filled with the light of positivity, hope, and motivation as in Islamic culture, hanging lights on the doors and windows in considered as a good deed in Ramadan.

2. Beautiful Wreaths

Adding a beautiful wreath to the home décor will make the perfect home decoration for the festival of Ramadan. Just add some amazingly bright and fragrant flowers and fillers to the wreath and doll it up with Ramadan Mubarak written in the middle, and the best flowery and cute gift is all ready to make Ramadan special for your family and friends.

3. Ramadan Trees

To add more fun, happy and colorful vibes to the festival and also to the homes,  You can consider the crescent-shaped Ramadan trees for the gifting purpose as they will surely take Ramadan celebration to another level.

4. Islamic Art Paintings

Adorn the walls of your house with Islamic art on Ramadan, such as calligraphy, paintings, glasswork, ceramics, and textiles. Islamic art is influenced by the culture of various nations like Greek, Egyptian, Persian, Moroccan, and Indian that will adorn your abode and fill it with colorful vibes

5. Ramadan Planner

Daily planners are time-saving and are the hectic month of Ramadan when there are many tasks to do, something that can help to keep the track of daily plans, arrangements, meetings, and activities, is very needful. So, you can gift this gift to your loved ones and can help them to remember their daily schedule creatively this Ramadan season.

6. Organizer for Desk

One of the most useful gifts anyone can gift to office employees and clients at an affordable rate. So, if you are also searching for a cool Ramadan gift for your office employees, then a smart desk organizer will be the best choice to go with.

7. Islamic Artwork Photo Frame

If you are searching for a traditional Ramadan gift, then get the frames of the Islamic artworks is the best choice to go with as they will always be there on the walls or tables making each day of the month more amazing and filled with positivity. These frames will help to spiritually connect to Allah during the holy Ramadan season.

8. Ramadan Themed Personalized Coffee Mugs

Everyone must be having many amazing cups but the one with a prayer printed on it will surely be the most special one for sure. So, send your loved ones personalized Ramadan coffee mug and make their every day filled with the happiness and the blessings of Allah.

9. Ramadan Special Chocolates

Chocolates are considered as the most common sweet treats for any occasion and Ramadan is not an exception. Send your Ramadan and EI(D wishes with a chocolate hamper that will surely add more fun and flavor to the celebration.

10. Dates Gift Box

Dates are widely eaten and considered very important to consume during Ramadan by people all over the world. They are an excellent source of instant energy after fasting as they bring back the sugar, fiber, magnesium, potassium, and carbohydrates during fasting.

11. Dry Iftar Gift Hamper

After the entire tiring day of fasting, the body needs a rich and tasty diet and for this, you can prepare 10 to 15 hampers that include dry fruits, fruits, drinks, dates, and other essentials that will provide essential nutrients to the body and it will be the most useful gift ever.

12. Latest Perfumes

A refreshing, soothing, and calming fragrance will surely make an absolutely perfect and aptest gift for your friends and relatives for this Ramadan season that will keep them fresh all day long will boost their mood as well.

13. Aromatic Candles

The scented candles will not only fill your home with a pleasant aroma, but will also bring mental peace, happiness, and calmness in the mind because of the soothing aroma. And, this is the reason why they are the best gifting options for Ramadan.

14. Personal Care Spa Hampers

All the ladies put a lot of effort to make the Iftar party amazing by preparing several dishes for almost a month. So, this year, express your gratitude to all the special ladies with a spa hamper and allow them to pamper themselves for EID.

15. Ramadan Prayer Accessories

Celebrating Ramadan is all about giving, fasting and praying to Allah for wellbeing, unity, and prosperity for everyone. In such a holy environment, a prayer set is the best gift for sure. This set should include prayer mat, Tasbeeh, and prayer dress for making the hold month more productive.

16. Chocolate Coated Dry Fruits

Bored with dry fruits and don’t want to gift common chocolates every time? No worries as this time combine both the dry fruits and chocolates and this gift will impress everyone during the Iftar party.

17. Abaya and Hijab

Abaya and hijab always make a perfect gift this holy month as the modest clothing is encouraged for the season of Ramadan, and hence, this set will make an excellent gift for your wife, mother, sister, or your hostess of the Iftar party.

18. Flower Arrangements

For those who are hosting the iftar party, flowers will make the best and simplest gift ever as they keep every place calm and positive, and will surely bring a sweet smile on the host’s face. You can also send the flower gifts to the UAE from the flowers shop in Dubai very easily by placing the order online.

19. DIY Gifts

For all those who are fond of homemade treats that are loaded with nutrients and homely touch, prepare them any of your homemade dishes or dessert and pair it with a greeting card or any gift item and the best gift ever is ready for Ramadan.

20. Pathani Suits and Kaftans

No festival is complete without new clothes and so does Ramadan. So, get your loved ones some amazing and cool outfits with which they can enjoy every moment of EID and Ramadan as well.

21. Islamic Pattern Arched Prayer Mat

Redefine every day of Ramadan month with an amazing looking Islamic prayer mat. These gorgeous and beautiful prayer mats are literally out of the box gift idea and everyone will surely be going to love it. One can also customize it with prayers and can send these mats as Ramadan gifts to Dubai as well.

22. Wooden Masjid

This gift is the one that will make the atmosphere of Ramadan more pious, holy, and divine. From friends to family members to relatives; this gift can be given to anyone on your list with the blessings of Allah on them.

23. Fruit Basket

For all those who are searching for a healthier gift option, fruits can be the best one to go with as they are healthy gift options for Ramadan ever. During iftar time, they will keep the body hydrated and will also help in sustaining the energy throughout the day. You can arrange the fruits in a basket and can amazingly present your gift.

24. Lamps and Candles For Decoration

During Ramadan, decorating houses with candles and lanterns at night is considered a good omen and that is why; the designer lamps and Islamic print lanterns are in high demand these days. So, gift these gleaming home décor items to your loved ones as these lights will bring in the festive cheer for everyone.

25. Traditional Attars

Attars or ittars is for those who are not into using the chemically prepared perfumes as they are alcohol-free and are prepared naturally from the flower extracts having a very pleasant and soothing aroma, ad hence, this is also one of the best Ramadan gifting items.

26. Quran Gift Set

If you are looking for a traditional gift, then a full set of Quran will be the perfect option for Ramadan. This set can be customized by considering items like uthmani printed Quran with matching Quran bag, a prayer mat and al tasbeeh as well.

27. Allah Engraved Pendants

Apart from all such common gifting options, this one is a bit unique and the aptest one for this holy month of Ramadan. Just get a pendant customized with an Allah engraved pendant and this token of love with surely win every heart.

28. Tasbeeh for Ramadan

Dhikar is considered as the soul of Ramadan and that is why; there could not be any better option other than Tasbeeh to give your loved ones on this holy occasion. This is also the perfect way to make the holy remembrance of Allah more beautiful.

29. Ramadan Themed Cupcakes

For someone cute and small in your family, the delicious and yummylicious cupcakes are the ones that will make them enjoy this holy festival even more. And, to make these cupcakes more special, one can customize these cakes according to the Ramadan theme as well and serve proudly in the iftar party.

30. Hand Made Ramadan Banner

For your friends and family members, the items to decorate the walls of the house will be the best and the simplest gift option to go with. So, put in all your efforts and make a Happy Ramadan banner for them. You can very easily make the banner at home by using colorful charts and cutting them in a mosque shape that will enhance the home decoration with its simplicity.

If you have been invited by someone very special to join the Iftar party, then you must thank them in some special way as it becomes your responsibility to appreciate the hard work of your host who has arranged such a delicious meal for you. And, this can be done perfectly with the gifts listed above as they all are such items that can be given to friends, family members, office employees, clients, and, of course, your host too. So, pick any of the above-mentioned ones and convey your gratitude in the best way.


Ramadan is the best season to express your thankful nature to the ones who have always been there with you and to show appreciation, admiration, and gratitude towards your loved ones who have made your Ramadan very special. But, Ramadan comes with the most awaited festival EID and it is the time that celebrates and rejoices the completion of the holy month of Ramadan. And, to make these occasions more special, gifts are the ones that play an important role. That is why; Flowerdeliveryuae.ae is here with its exclusive range of Ramdan special gifts and timely delivery services via which one can send Ramadan gifts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or in the whole UAE very easily.

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