Refreshing Plants Perfect to Beat UAE Scorching Summer Heat!!
Best Summer Plants Plant

Refreshing Plants Perfect to Beat UAE Scorching Summer Heat!!

The United Arab Emirates has finally welcomed its summer season of 2023. Marked with the sweltering heat, bright sunlight, and increased humidity level, the UAR is not only harsh on humans, but plants also find it challenging to survive the scorching heat. Also, if we talk about something that can soothe the hot and humid weather, then the need is to include plants in your surroundings only. But, not all plants can survive UAE’s sweltering heat, and hence, only those plants should be planted t that can survive the harsh weather. Talking about finding the best summer plants in the UAE, the job is easier said than done.

UAE’s summer season and its scorching heat, the situation is terrible, and hence, the humidity will take a toll on every garden. But, if you choose your baby summer plants cautiously, your plants will not leave your side even if you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

So, here are a few easy-to-grow summer outdoor and indoor plants in the UAE you must include in your garden this year. So, without any further ado, let us begin the summer plant hunting mission:


Plants that Can Beat UAE Summer Heat

Best Outdoor Plants in UAE

Common Name of the Plant Latin Name of the Plant Characteristics of the Plant
Bougainville Bougainville ·  Available in many gorgeous colors like pink, white, yellow, orange, etc. One of the common flowering plants of Dubai.

·  Can be planted as a fence or flowering bed.

·   One of the best heat-tolerant plants.

·    Makes your garden looks extremely pretty and welcoming.

Plumeria Frangipani ·    One of the most common flowering plants found in the UAE.

·    This sweet-smelling and aromatic plant is everyone’s favorite.

·    Can survive drought weather and hot climate easily.

·    This flowering plant can also thrive in poor soil quality.

·    This plant can also be potted and grown in the balconies and terrace gardens.

Hibiscus Rosa Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis ·   One of the best flowering plants of the tropical region.

·   Available in many bright colors like red, pink, yellow, and orange.

·   This amazing plant can tolerate harsh hot climate but cannot survive winters.

·    This is one of the soothing and pleasing outdoor plants to eyes

·    Terrace gardens can also be decorated with potted hibiscus rosa plant.

Flame Tree Delonix Regia ·    Huge tree perfect to grow in the outdoor gardens.· Known for its fiery red and orange flowers resembling flame or fire

·   Can survive direct sunlight and harsh UAE’s weather.

·    This gorgeous plant will add a splash of bright colors to your garden.

·   It is not a potable plant as the tree can be heightened up to 12ft when fully grown.

Vinca Vincire ·    One of the most beautiful and gorgeous flowering plants perfectly surviving harsh Dubai’s weather.

·    The stunning plant can be grown to get various colored flowers like white, purple, red, and pink.

·    You can grow this plant in pots as well and keep them in the balcony.

·    The flowers bloom throughout the year making your garden beautiful and welcoming all year long.

Date Palm Phoenix Dactylifera .   Phoenix dactylifera contributes up to 6% to 8% of total date production.. If you wish to grow this plant in your garden, you must have quite a lot of space as this tree can grow up
to 23 meter.·   Having date palm in your space provides good thriving conditions to other plants.
Yellow Trumpet Flower Tecoma Stans ·    The flowering shrub is an American native and is also an official flower for “the US Virgin Islands.”

·   This multi-stemmed tree reaches up to 5 meters, making your garden looks quite pretty.

·    Winter season is the time when the flowers bloom completely.

·   The bright yellow clusters are soothing to eyes and provide mental peace.

·   This outdoor plant can flourish even in less-forgiving areas like roadside.

Mother’s Tongue Albizia Lebbeck ·   “Albizia lebbeck” is one of the most gorgeous flowering trees perfectly surviving the UAE’s harsh
weather.·         This tree can grow up to 30 meters tall, and hence, will occupy a lot of space in your garden.·   The dark green leaves with fluffy& pale yellow flowers pop up in early summers.·    Owing to its capacity for salt tolerance, this tree is one of the ideal trees to grow in the UAE.
Elephant Bush Portulacaria Afra ·   This widespread plant can perfectly survive in South Africa and the UAE’s weather.

·   This plant makes an ideal choice for your outdoor garden in the UAE as it can survive drought conditions.

·  This plant can perfectly endure desert heat and direct sunlight.

. You can pot this plant and keep it in your garden terrace.

Golden Barrel Cactus Echinocactus Grusonii

This is one of the low-maintenance plants, perfect to grow in the harsh weather conditions of the UAE.This is one of the best cactus varieties anyone has ever seen.Known to produce pretty and small flowers, the “Golden Barrel Cactus” will make your garden look super pretty.

Damas Tree Conocarpus lancifolius

The “Damas Tree” is one of the fastest growing trees you will have in your outdoor gardens. It is heat tolerant, drought tolerant, and salt tolerant as well. This tress is undoubtedly one of the perfect landscape trees for the UAE. Effective cleaning of oil-contaminated soils is one of its core benefits. This shrub or tree has marked its place in the soil stabilisation projects and reforestation projects. The tree’s wood can be used to create successful noise barrier.

Best Indoor Plants in UAE

Common Name of the Plant Latin Name of the Plant Benefits of the Plant Best Place to Keep Them
Spider Plant Chlorophytum Comosum · Keeps the surrounding air purified
· Removes formaldehyde from the air and improves its quality
· Improves recovery rate
· Can very easily adapt different climates.
· Snake plant is also safe for pets.
· Near the windows
· Balcony
· Home Garden
· Living Spaces
Peace Lily Spathiphyllum · Purifies air perfectly
· Low maintenance plant
· Easily absorbs acetone vapors
· Promotes peaceful sleep
· Best plant for aesthetic home decor
· Bathrooms
· Gardens
· West or North facing windows
· Bedroom
Gerbera Daisy Gerbera Jamesonii · One of the longest lasting flowering plants.
·  Inexpensive and easily affordable plant
·  Have impeccable health benefits
·  Absorbs airborne toxins and promote sound sleep
·  Improves air quality
 · Window sill
· Basically where it can get shade and light both
Dragon Tree Dracaena Marginata ·One of the popular houseplants
·  Best air purifying plant
·  Known for its several health benefits
·  Cure minor diseases like headache and migraine
·  One of the widely used indoor plants for purifying air.
· In any bright area
· Do not place in direct sunlight
· Terrace gardens with shade are the perfect place.
· Semi shaded spot
English Ivy Hedera Helix · Known for its anti-inflammatory properties.
· Helps in detoxifying the body naturally
· Also works for taking good care of the skin
· Reduce molds in the air
· Makes surrounding air breathable.
· Humid spot in the house
· East, North, or West windows
· Dry and cool area in the house
Boston Fern Nephrolepis Exaitata · One of the best houseplants
· Having air cleaning and purifying qualities
· Free home from the harmful toxins
· Helps restore air moisture
· Evergreen indoor plant
· Not near drafty doors
· Areas that receive indirect light
Snake Plant Sansevieria Trifasciata · Improves air quality
· Removes nitrogen and formaldehyde from the air
· Capable of absorbing cancer-causing chemicals
· Can defend allergies
· Help patients recover easily and rapidly
· Promotes sound sleep
· One of the best and long lasting indoor plants.
· Living Space
· Kitchen
· Well-drained pots
· Areas that receive particle sunlight
· Darker corners
· Bright window sides
Philodendron Philodendron · Effectively clean surrounding air
· Improves home environment
· One of the best and easy thriving indoor plants
· A good light absorber
· Cleans the surrounding air perfectly
· Have many health benefits
· Partial sunlight areas
· Windows receive indirect sunlight
Zamioculcas Zanzibar Gem · Plant with fantastic air purifying qualities
· Improves health of employees when kept in offices
· Helps in controlling the blood pressure.
· Reduce stress and anxiety issues as well
· Increases oxygen level in the environment.
· Living room
· Windows
· Areas that receive less sunlight
Kentia Palm Howea Forsteriana · Capable enough to tolerate heat and dust
· Can be maintained in low sunlight and water
· Makes one of the perfect houseplants
· One of the best air purifying plants
· Low maintenance and trouble-free indoor plant.
· Bathrooms
· Bedrooms
· Living Rooms
· Windows
· Staircases
Money Plant Epipremnum Aureum · Evergreen climbers
· Easy maintenance plant
· One of the luckiest plants
· Makes perfect gifting option as well
· Attracts positivity and peace
· In south-east direction
· Balcony
· Terrace garden
Areca Palm tree Chrysalidocarpus Lutescens · Easy growing indoor plants
· Absorbs harmful air pollutants Promotes healthy lungs
· Helps in strengthening the nervous system
· Helps in improving attention and focusing power.
· South or west facing windows
· Areas that receive less sunlight
· Shadier areas of the house

Health Benefits of Keeping Plants at Home

Keeping plants at home is one of the most excellent ways to bring certain health benefits to your life. Having nature close to you will give you a whole new way of leading a peaceful and healthy life. It is a basic fact that if you prioritize nature, nature will revert you with bounties of benefits, not only physically but also mentally. Many consider plants only as a décor item. Obviously, green plants are meant to add colors of happiness to your house interiors but will also fill your life with soothing and calming vibes.

After praising the divine beauty of vibrant & refreshing plants at home, it is time to known what science has to say in this concern. We have listed here some benefits that plants may provide to motivate you to keep these green beauties around you at home. So, let us have a look:

  • Plants not only make your surroundings look better but also improve mental health effectively.
  • As we have already discussed, plants are not only for aesthetic beauty but a perfect way to reduce stress and anxiety issues.
  • Keeping indoor plants will also help improve the surrounding air quality by removing harmful pollutants causing headaches, stress, nausea, and other issues. Some significant and NASA-approved air purifying plants are:
  • Pothos
  • Money Plant
  • Sanseveria
  • Peace Lily
  • Aloe Vera
  • Boston Ferns
  • As per science, people having plants around them feel enhanced attention, concentration, and focusing power. Keeping live plants in the classes or the study room help students perform better in exams.
  • Keeping indoor plants will also enhance the thinking power of the individuals.
  • Plants are also known to have therapeutic benefits affecting human life with positivity and calmness. People fighting with depression and anxiety issues use “Horticultural Therapy” to improve the well-being feeling.
  • Science also suggests that keeping plants around boosts the recovery rate in many cases. It is recommended that patients view plants during their recovery phase to observe significant improvements in physiologic response.
  • Have you ever noticed plants in workplaces and offices? The scientific reason for this is green plants also improve the productivity rate. Keeping plants inside offices will create a healthy, positive, and productive workspace. Also, researchers suggest having plants around in the office will lead to lesser sick leaves.
  • Plants are also helpful to tamp down physical issues like bloating, gastric issues, and other digestive system-related problems effectively.
  • Some notable plant species are also there that will be one of the best remedies for cuts, rashes, irritated skin, etc.
  • One more benefit you get by keeping plants in your bedroom is a restful and peaceful sleep. But, make sure to follow the Vastu chart for the best-suited direction to keep plants in any home area.

How to Keep Plants Healthy During Summer?

Everyone can keep plants in their homes almost every season or whole year long. But, when it comes to taking care of the plants and keeping them living, there comes the real challenge. Taking good care of your plant isn’t always an easy job, especially when you are unsure where to start. But, when you learn basic plant care routine, you’ll love being a parent to your dearest plant. Whether you’ve planned to deck out your bedroom or workplace with plants, you will always need some tips to help you take care of your indoor plant babies like a pro.

So, let us have a look at the plant care tips to keep your new plant babies alive during the UAE summer heat:

  • Make sure to water your new plants daily and deeply. During the scorching summer season, water evaporates very fast and leaves soil dry. So, make sure the plants are watered regularly so that the soil can absorb the water completely.
  • To keep your plant alive and healthy for long summer seasons, make sure not to fertilize them before summer. Summer is not the best time to fertilize plants.
  • Repotting plants in summer is also not a wise decision. Re potting can cause stress to the plants, and after re potting, it takes a lot of time for plants to become accustomed to the new surroundings.
  • Avoid pruning in summers, as well as it can cause extreme stress to the plants. The withering off leaves in summer is a normal thing as leaves cannot bear excess heat.
  • To beat the harsh summer season of the UAE, make sure to pick those plants that are bred for tropical regions or desert areas.
  • One more thing that you should keep in mind is to keep an eye on the soil. Make sure to check the soil’s moisture level regularly and then plan the watering schedule.
  • It would be best if you prefer using grass clippings to mulch during the summer season to avoid soil from drying. But, too much mulch can be harmful to your plants’ health.
  • As we are talking about plants and the scorching summer heat, plant protection plays a vital role. As per the researchers, partial shading is essential to maintain plants’ freshness during the harsh UAE summer.
  • If you plan to give your garden a stoned path, this is what you should drop right away. Stones absorb heat during the day. But, at night, the stones release the heat, and eventually, it affects your plants’ health. Yellow grass will be the perfect match for your garden to avoid this problem.


Closing Thoughts

There is nothing in the world that can add more beauty to your home and workplaces other than green and vibrant plants. Bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, staircases, cubicles, and whatnot; there is really isn’t any area where houseplants can’t enliven. Just adequate light and the right amount of water, and you’re all set to growing a gorgeous indoor oasis. Apart from the plants bringing excellent health benefits, getting plants into your space will also be aesthetically pleasing and amazingly soothing to the eyes.

Here in the United Arab Emirates, dwellers are fortunate enough to have 360 days full of sunshine and the sky loaded with new spirits surfing up, divinely. The intense summer season needs some refreshing plants to buck it up. And, that is why; we are here with these best-rated summer plants to beat summer heat here at We have 500+ plant species here on this online platform that will leave no chance to make your summer season super refreshing and easy to live. Customers just need to explore the plant range to avail online plant delivery in Dubai and across the UAE. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly get your hands on some fantastic green beauties now.

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