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Anniversary Wishes, Quotes and Messages

The best time of the year is again here. From the wedding vows to the marriage responsibilities, everything has a charm that can never fade. On such a special occasion, if you are looking for some real and touchy Anniversary messages to combine with your heartfelt anniversary gifts, then you are dwelling at the right place. Whether it is about sending wishes to your favorite couple, or someone from your family or colleagues, a special message from your side will reflect your gratitude and you love for them.

So, here are some amazing and thoughtful Anniversary wishes that one can send to anyone for wishing and greeting amazingly. So, do check them out:

Anniversary Wishes for Couple

Anniversary wishes for couple

1. “Wishing the perfect couple a perfectly happy day! Happy Wedding Anniversary!”

2. “A big cheers to another year of togetherness! Happy Anniversary guys!”

3. Wishing my favorite couple a very happy and romantic anniversary! Hope you both take some time out and look back to rejoice all those moments of happiness that you both have spent together.

4. I always knew that you two have some bond and connection, but was having no idea it was about talking marriage vows together. Wish you both the happiest anniversary love birds!

5. On this special day of yours, I wish the coming 10 years of your life will be happier together. Have a happy anniversary with joyful days and romantic nights!

6. Warm wishes to the most amazing couple I ever met on your anniversary. May you live like this forever and ever bounded in love.

7. “With another year, we have another reason to celebrate and you have many memories to look back and be proud of your relationship.”

8. “You two have given the real meaning of love and relationship. Wish you both a very happy and romantic marriage anniversary.”

9. A very happy wedding anniversary to the couple who is truly made for each other! Together you both look perfect!

10. An anniversary is a day to celebrate the joy of past days and make new promises for the future. Happy Anniversary to you both!

Anniversary Wishes for Grandparents

Anniversary wishes for grandparents

1. Dear grandee, wishing you all the happiness of the world and heartiest congratulations to you both on one more successful year of togetherness. Happy anniversary!

2. My old love birds, when I look at both of you, my beliefs on love grows more bit by bit, May you both be like this forever and ever-smiling and holding hands. Wish you the happiest and the joyous anniversary!

3. “Sending warm and loving wishes on one more year of having each other by your side! May you both grow older and happier together!”

4. May you both continue to be the best partners for each other throughout the year as no one else can handle you as you both are handling each other! Happy a warm and the most happening anniversary grandee!

5. Wishing you with nothing else but more happiness, love, bright future, and sunshine in life on this special day of yours my old love birds! Have the happiest and the most romantic anniversary!

6. It feels like as every year is passing by, each one of you both is getting better and better with each other. It is truly said that love grows and so does the relationship. A very happy anniversary to the true symbol of love!

7. Many years ago, you both were tied to a knot and this bonding is still young just because of love. May this love grow more and more and you both live like this forever and ever. Have the happiest anniversary to the world’s best couple!

8. A very happy and joyous anniversary to the epitome of love! You both have many sweet and salty memories of life and together and keeping every sour thing aside and choosing the fruitful ones, you both have taken love to another level.

9. To the world’s best grandparents, a very happy and warmest anniversary to you! May the love between you grow more and more like your ages and grey hair!

10. Your story of love and togetherness with 50 years-long experience is the source of my inspiration. Wish you the happiest and the joyous anniversary to my favorite couple.

Anniversary Wishes for Parents

Anniversary wishes for parents

1. Dear mom and dad, you both have been together in good and bad holding hands and standing by the sides. Wish you both the happiest anniversary! May you both live like this forever and ever!

2. Today is the anniversary of the world’s best couple who has always made the tough times light with their love and support. I wish you both the warmest and the joyous day and life ahead! Happy anniversary mom and dad!

3. Dear mum & dad, congratulations on another successful year of togetherness. You both are the synonym of true love. I wish you never be apart. May God bless this beautiful union forever and always!

4. One of the most awaited days is here. Congratulations you both on completing these successful years together! It’s your love that united you two and you’ve built this lovely family. May God give you many more years of life and keep you safe from all evil eyes! Make the most of this day and make this anniversary a memorable one.

5. Dear dad and mom, I have seen you both in love, in pain, in the happiest days, and the darker ones as well. But, I have never seen you both apart and I pray to God for the intact love to grow every year and every dad more and more. Have the happiest and the most wonderful day ahead. Happy Anniversary!

6. Hye, mom and dad! Thanks a lot for giving me such a loving and amazing family to live. I have seen you being best friends than husband and wife and that is the perfect recipe of a true and ideal relationship. Have a memorable and the most awesome anniversary dear parents!

7. Wish you the happiest and the most special anniversary dear mom and dad! Thanks a lot for not only being parents but out best friends as well, May you have all the happiness of the world!

Anniversary Wishes for Husband

Anniversary wishes for husband

1. From the day we met and until our love grew

Surely, we have been sharing a love so true.

I just wish we both have happiness and love

And enjoy each other’s company for sure.

Happy Anniversary my love!

2. It’s not just today that I feel in love with you,

but every moment of every day that we’ve been together, I adore you.

Thank you for your years of love and support my dear hubby.

Happy Anniversary!

3. Roses are red, violets and blue.

Say you want to keep me forever,

‘cause I know you do!

Happy Anniversary my pooh!

4. Thinking about you today with loving wishes, as our love reflects all the wonderful memories of our togetherness and of future dreams together! You are the only one who has given my life a whole new meaning. Love you, sweetheart and happy anniversary love!

5. To the man, I have chosen to love, be with me for lifetime, Happy Anniversary love of my life!

6. My man, I want you to know that words are not enough to say that I love you! May this life keep going and so does our love! Wish you the happiest anniversary dear!

7. Seasons do change as it is inevitable, but my love for you won’t change and I like to call it a fact. Love, I am dreaming with open eyes for our bright and lovely future. Thanks for giving me a life which is the dream of every women. Wish you the happiest and the loveliest anniversary!

Anniversary Wishes for Wife

Anniversary wishes for wife

1. To the first and last women, I ever loved...

are my only world

whole life

my sweet wife”

Anniversary darling!!

2. To my wife for many years, it never gets out of fashion to confess love. Wish you the happiest and the warmest anniversary love and you know how crazily I love you!

3. The smile that made me tie knot with you still melts my heart. Happy Anniversary my love! May you smile like this forever and ever!

4. With another year, I have several new reasons to love you more and more every second of my life. Keep giving me love more than I deserve. Happiest and most joyous anniversary love!

5. On our wedding anniversary and each day that I live, I promise to cherish the love that you give me unconditionally.

6. Today is the day to cherish the love that I have in my heart for you from all these years. In such a long time, the only thing that I learned is I need you every second of my life.

7. Thank u for putting all my flaws asides

& cherishing my good qualities.

Happy Anniversary wifey!

8. Sweetheart, in my life, you were that lady luck who has made my life more beautiful with your love and support. I always want you to be by my side. Happy Anniversary darling!

9. Love was only a fairy tale until I met you. You are a true definition of what love feels like. Wishing you the happiest anniversary my love and always be the one who has also inspired me!

10. Many years have passed

our love will never grow old

will always be cherished in my heart

shinning gold

wedding Anniversary to you!

Anniversary Wishes for Brother

Anniversary wishes for brother

1. Congratulations on one more successful and blessed year of your marriage. May your remaining life spend with happiness and joy! Anniversary greeting to my dearest brother from her loving sister!

2. We have spent many years together but the one correct decision that you have made in your whole life is to marry such a beautiful soul. I wish you both a very happening and the most romantic day ever. Have the happiest anniversary dear brother!

3. On this special day of yours, I just pray to God that every moment is of laughter and every day is filled with success. Make the most out of this day as you are the one expert in this and have a great year ahead. Happy Anniversary!

4. When two wonderful persons became two bodies, one soul,

true couple of love is born!

Anniversary dear!

5. Wish you both a very happy and great anniversary brother and sister-in-law. May your love grow more and more day by day and your life remains this happy always!

6. “Even though many years have passed, the love you both share continues to last.”

With all my best and warm wishes that you both be blessed in love and happy! Happy Marriage Anniversary!!!

7. Dear brother, you are the one who has put the light of support in my life. On your special day, I pray to God that you both have the happiest memories of life so that when you grow old who can enjoy days fused with laughter. Happy Anniversary dear brother and sister-in-law!

8. Dear brother, your anniversary is the perfect time to thank my sister-in-law as I would have to be dealing with your stupidity for the rest of my life. Happy Anniversary to you both with all my love!

9. Never let go of the beautiful and true love that is binding you both. Warmest Anniversary wishes to the one who has always supported me in my decisions. Love you, bro!

10. Congratulations to the craziest person ever for one more successful year of togetherness. You both have made my life so beautiful. Happiest anniversary to my darling brother!

Anniversary Wished for Friends

Anniversary wishes for friends

1. It is not about destiny

It is not about the destination

When it comes to love,

It is only about the travel partner

My dear friend, you have the best.

Anniversary dear!!

2. On this special day of yours, may you both have the heart full memories of the days you both have spent together! Have the happiest day ever!

3. Watching two of you together is so inspiring and satisfactory as you both are the epitome of love. Wishing my favorite couple the happiest and the most joyous anniversary ever!

4. I wish you both all the very best as you are going to begin another year of your lives together holding hands in hand. Happy Anniversary dear BFF!

5. May the lovable bond that you both share bring happiness and joy in the lives of both of you! Have a blasting and the most happening anniversary bro!

6. Years have passed seeing you both fighting and quarreling but never separating. A very happy anniversary to my favorite couple in this whole universe!

7. After seeing you with your better half, it seems like marriage life agrees with you dear friend. May you both grow old together fighting and enjoying lives at its full pace! Happy anniversary bestie!

Anniversary Wishes for Sister

Anniversary wishes for sister

1. Dear sister, may your marriage be blessed with joy and happiness and you both touch the glory of the sky. You both are the epitome of true love. Wish you both the happiest anniversary!

2. To my dearest sister, with all my heart and warm wishes, start the beginning of this new year by holding hands and make every moment of this day very special and loveable. Have the happiest anniversary you both!

3. Heartiest congratulations on your one more successful completion of another year of togetherness. May you have many more such happy and joyful anniversaries and your sister/brother loves you a lot! Happy Anniversary!

4. Dear sister, you have always been a headache for me and now I am glad that I don’t have to tolerate you anymore. Your loving husband would do that. Happy anniversary you two!!

5. May your all pains disappear & you two spend happier and the most joyous life for future and more hundred years! Happy anniversary dearest sister!

6. To the cutest couple ever, May your companionship remains long and forever & make life more beautiful than the previous year. Wish you the most warm and joyous day ever!

7. Hey! Sister, it’s one of the most important days of your life. So, celebrate it with lots of happiness, joy, and craziness and be ready to rock and roll. Happy Anniversary dear!

8. On such a happiest day of your life, your sister/brother is always there to stand by your side to make you feel the most special. Have the warmest and the craziest anniversary ever with your better half.

9. “I don’t know how your husband tolerates you. He must be a man of big heart! Oaky, Jokes apart, my dearest sister, on your special day, from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very happy wedding anniversary. Stay blessed and happy always.”

10. “As you both have completed one year together fighting and squalling but with love. On the wedding anniversary of your togetherness, I want to wish both of you a very joyous and exciting married life. I want mushy & cute nephews’ & nieces soon.”

Anniversary Wishes for Colleagues

Anniversary wishes for colleagues

1. Wishing the two of you a happy and joyous anniversary and May the coming year is full of enjoyment that remains many more years to come.

2. Like an attractive flower in the sunlight, your love blossoms beautifully and happily. Happy and blissful wishes on your wedding anniversary dear!

3. Enjoy and celebrate the love between you both and make the coming years more amazing and joyful. Wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary.

4. Sending you bundles of love and oceans of blessings on your wedding anniversary! May you both enjoy many more years of happiness and togetherness like this!

5. Congratulations dear on another successful year of love, laughter, togetherness and happiness. Wishing you both the happiest year and many more years to come!

6. The words happy anniversary cannot express my joy at spending another year of your life with your dream person. Congratulations on such an achievement and may this love remains intact in every coming year!

7. May your love blossoms more amazingly in the warm and bright sunlight and your lives together be everlasting and full of joy and warmth! Wishing you both a very happy and great anniversary!

Anniversary Wishes for Son

Anniversary wishes for son

1. Dear Daughter-in-law, Ever since you entered my son’s life I can see him becoming a mature and more responsible person. Thank you for being there for him. Happy Anniversary to you both!

2. I feel blessed and obliged to God for having such a loving son and daughter-in-law in my life. You both make a perfect couple. Happy Anniversary to you both cuties!

3. On this special day of yours, I and your Dad wish you both a lifetime of happiness and togetherness. May you both always keep on loving each other the same way you do now. Have the happiest and most joyous anniversary!

4. Dear son, you make us proud every day by being not only a perfect son but also such a humble husband. Always be the way you are. Wish you a very happy anniversary!

5. Dear son and daughter-in-law, with the bundles of love and oceans of blessings, we both wish you a very happy and blissful anniversary. Celebrate this special day together with lots and lots of love.

6. On your anniversary my dearest son, I and your Dad wish for more happiness and joy in your near future to fill up your life with only and only sweetness. Happy anniversary dear son and daughter in law!

7. “Be lively to cherish all your dreams, delighting memories of each day All your worries go away, Wish you the best and the most special day from my heart May this year have a beautiful start.”

8. Blessings are sent with lots of love, care, and affection. On this special day of yours my dearest son, May you both have a happy and fantastic anniversary with good health with a long life.

9. May your bond of love gets firmer by every day and in every phase of life, May you have respect, love, and care in heart for each other. We are always with you in times of need. Now get ready to celebrate your anniversary with a candlelight dinner and make the most out of the day. Have the happiest anniversary my dearest son and daughter!

10. My loving son and daughter-in-law, I wish and pray that you both be blessed by the almighty God and walk in his direction of your life’s journey. Happy wedding anniversary to you both from your mom and dad!

Anniversary Wishes for Daughter

Anniversary wishes for daughter

1. May your every day of life be filled with love, happiness, joy and special moments, especially on your wedding anniversary! Heartiest wishes for the same to my darling daughter and loving son-in-law from your well-wishers!

2. Dearest son-in-law and daughter, you both are our pride and have made our life complete and worth living. Be happy both of you forever in your life and May this year be the new beginning of only and only happiness and good time! Happy wishes for your anniversary darling!

3. You have been not only an amazing daughter but also such an amazing partner, and today is the day of great celebration for you my love. Enjoy to the fullest and best wishes and love on your wedding anniversary. Have the happiest and most joyous day ever!

4. Dearest son-in-law and darling daughter, you both are the greatest kids in this whole world. We love you both very dearly. Cheers to your togetherness and one more year of successful completion of lovable bond. Make the most of this day and celebrate your anniversary amazingly!

5. Marriage is the toughest exam of life that has its own rules and regulations and we have seen you both doing so well in life. Keep growing and loving each other and stay blessed for the many more years to come. Have the happiest and most amazing anniversary!

6. Dear love, I and your mom have always wished to have a daughter in my life and then you came and filled the void. You are the most loving and wonderful daughter who has always make us feel proud. Lots of blessings to you on this special day dear! Enjoy and have the best time together!

7. To my dearest and loving daughter, wish you the infinite love, long life, boundless joy, and oceans of happiness forever. May you have the best and the most happening anniversary this year and for the more such coming years!

Anniversary Wishes for Girlfriend

Anniversary wishes for girlfriend

1. Here’s my love for you, take it

Here’s my soul for you, use it

Here’s is my heart for you, keep it

Here’s is my hand for you, hold it

& together we will make this love forever

Happiest Anniversary baby!!

2. A very happy anniversary to my one and only! I can never find someone so cute and adorable whose one smile can melt my heart. Wish you the happiest and joyous anniversary sweetheart and I wish we will be together for the more coming years.

3. With you, I have learned how to love. You are the epitome of love for me and the one whom I have loved this much so far and want to spend my life holding hands. Baby, happiest anniversary to you and me as well!

4. It doesn’t matter

How the past has been

But, I promise

Our future will be the best anyone has ever seen!

Happy Anniversary Love!

5. You always make me smile and for that, I’ll always be thankful to you sweetheart. You’re truly the best woman that a man could ever ask for. I’m truly lucky to have you as my girlfriend standing by my side always. Have the happiest anniversary darling!

6. With the beautiful and amazing women by my side, I am ready for whatever the condition will be. You are the reason why my heart always skips a beat as I am busy in adorning your smile love. Happy anniversary cutie! Be like this forever holding my hand and supporting me always!

7. May today be a day that surrounds you with glory, Warms you with memories and fuse your life with happiness. Happy Anniversary Love!

8. For giving you hugs and kisses, I don’t need any specific reason baby, your killer smile is enough. Have the happiest and the warmest anniversary darling!

9. Love, may you add many more such lovable and romantic chapters in my life in the coming more years. I wish with this anniversary, the love between us grows more and more in every aspect. Love you so must sweetheart!

10. Falling dolefully short of words;

All I can say is -

Thank you for being all that you are.

Happy Anniversary!

Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

Anniversary wishes for boyfriend

1. Dear love of my life, wishing you lasting love forever! Happy Anniversary baby!

2. My life becomes so beautiful with you in it love. Be there always and warm me with your hugs and kisses. Happiest anniversary darling!

3. You always know just how to make me giggle.

You’re my perfect match.

You’re the one for me forever.

I love us the way we are.

You’re amazing, and I hope you know how grateful I am for you

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart!

4. I can’t imagine my life without you.

I love sharing my life with you.

You’re my best friend, partner, and my everything love.

I’m so grateful you’re the always the one by my side.

Everything we share means so much to me.

Thanks for all the ways you love, support, and care for me.

I’m proud you’re my boyfriend.

You’re still the one for me

& will always be the one and only in my life!

5. Whatever our souls are made of, yours in mine and mine is yours sweety! Always be the one for whom my heart beats. Happy anniversary and I hope that with this day, everything good starts!

6. Every kiss of yours and every promise you made told me that you are the one that my life always crave for. Happy one more year of togetherness love.

7. I still remember the moment when you held down on your knees and proposed me. From that day to the present one, you have been the man whom I loved so much. Have the happiest anniversary baby!

8. Realizing that I am the reason of your smile and that sparkle in your eyes, made me fall in love every second. Love you baby and be by side always. Happy anniversary!

9. The warmth of your hugs and the power of your love have always given me reason to smile and to be happy always. Happy Anniversary, Handsome!

10. I always pray to God that my love makes your smile the brightest one. Happy Anniversary, my love.

Anniversary Quotes

Anniversary Quotes

1. “Because of you only, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a bit more."

2. "Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it with your love. Happy anniversary!”

3. “I just want you to know that whenever I picture my happiness, it is with you cuddling and enjoying every moment of life. Happy Anniversary sweetheart.”

4. “You know what a successful marriage requires falling in love with the same person many times and every second of my life, you smile is the reason that I am still immensely loving you and only you.”

5. “Our anniversary is just an occasional celebration, but our marriage is a lifetime


6. “I saw you were perfect,

I loved you!

Then, I realize that you are not,

I loved you even more!

Happy Anniversary darling!”

7. "I'll love you the same way I still love you even when you're old and wrinkly and more irritating. I hope that this lovable bond never fades.”

8. “A wedding knot is the smallest and the trickiest handcuff ever made and I am glad that I have chosen my cellmate wisely!”

9. “All that you are is all that I will ever need in my life to live happily ever. Happiest anniversary love!”

10. “I have loved you all my life, and I will love you in the coming years as well, and if there is life after that also, I am going to love you this crazily even after.”