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Money Plants

Money plants fall under the category of lucky plants as they are meant to fill the houses and workspaces with greenery, luck, happiness, and prosperity. If you are also searching for a perfect gift for your loved ones that will be a good omen for them, then also this plant deserves the consideration. Explore our wide range of Money plants online and choose the one that goes with the purpose and makes yours and your loved ones every moment special and worth remembering.

Send Money Plants Online to Loved Ones to Bring Prosperity and Luck!

In the past days, people used to give money and other showy items to the loved ones and guests on special occasions and events. But, now the trend has been revised. The trend of giving some useful gifts is in and in this sequence plants are on the front foot. The current scenario is people are shifting towards the aisles of thoughtful and useful gifts that bring back life to life and fill the life with warmth, love, good luck, good life, healthy well-being, and of course healthy mind.

Talking about the plants, there are huge line ups of varieties of plants available from which selection one becomes a daunting task. In this case, Lucky Money plant is the perfect one to drool over as every family must have this plant at their homes as they are the symbol of good luck, prosperity, happiness, wealth, and well-being indeed. So, don’t be nuts by the selection of gifts and send Money plants online to Dubai to your loved ones from us now!

Why Bring Lucky Money Plants Home?

If you are a beginner in the field of plants, then there is no need to be worried about as here are the main reasons that why one should go with Money plants over other plants to make them the part of their living and working places. Go through them and make your thought clear:

•         Money plants are considered very beneficial as per the Feng Shui practices.
•         They are indeed an excellent example of air-purifying plants as they absorb many toxin elements from the air and removes the contaminated particles.
•         If you will keep them near the router or television, then they also absorb the harmful radiation from the surroundings and make the place worth living.
•         Keeping this plant at sharp angles and corners reduces the tension, fear, anxiety, stress, and sleeping disorders as well.
•         Money plants, as the name depicts, are known to attract wealth and removes the financial obstacles and enhance the monetary growth.
•         Apart from the above benefits, Money plants are also known to bring never-ending or long-lasting friendships as well.
So, make this amazing and beautiful plant your home mate and give your life a whole new meaning.

Feng Shui & Vastu Tips- Lucky Money Plant! 

Every plant has its own meaning, significance, Vastu and effect on the place where it is kept. And, this same is with the Money plant as well.
As per the Vastu and Feng Shui, the lucky Money Plants are to be considered as indoor plants are should be kept in the southeast direction always. You can keep it in the bedroom, hall, balcony, office, or anywhere you want. The reason behind is the owner of the southeast direction is Lord Ganesha and the planet in rule in Venus. Lord Ganesha will remove all the obstacles from the work and life as well and removes bad luck, and the planet Venus increases wealth and reduces the financial crises. 
But, one thing that is about to be taken care of is while placing the plant, avoid keeping the plants in the Northeast direction of the house or office as it is not a good omen as per the Vastu or Feng Shui practices. 

Caring Tips to Take Care of Money Tree- Flowerdeliveryuae! 

Keep your Money plant healthy and in proper condition by following these tips:

•         To avoid root rot, use a pot with good drainage and sandy soil.
•         Keep the pant humidified, but also let the soil dry out in between.
•         Water thoroughly when 2-4 inches of soil dries out.
•         During the growing period, fertilize the plant in every one or two months, but avoid this process in winters.
•         Do not overwater or give excess sunlight to the plant as this can be the cause of drying and rotten roots.

Order Money Plants Online from Flowerdeliveryuae.ae Now!  

If you are also planning to bring this amazing and beautiful plant at your home, then the foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is the quality of the plants. But, with Flowerdeliveryuae.ae, there is no need to be tensed about it as we offer a wide range of plants online and that too at an affordable price range. So, buy Money plants online for UAE from Flowerdeliveryuae.ae and make your home looks beautiful and moreover worth living peacefully and with healthy minds and body.

You can also consider this plant as your most reliable gift option because this is the one that will reflect your love and blessing in the best and most amazing way. So, order Money plants for UAE now from Flowerdeliveryuae. With this, if you want to try out some more plants, then here, you can find huge range of Lucky Bamboo plants for Dubai and for other emirates of the UAE that bring luck and well-being in life, Cactus as it is also one of the most recognized and popular gift option, and Flowering plants as well to fuse the beauty of your living and working space with the simplicity of flowers.

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