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Lucky Bamboo Dubai

If you are looking for a way to send love, care, luck, wealth, and prosperity to your loved ones to wish them blissfully on the special occasions, then lucky Bamboo plants are the best option to drool over. These plants are the perfect one to make choices for the gifts to your near & dear ones and far & loved ones. So, explore the site now and place your order!

Send Lucky Bamboo Plants Online to Dubai For Your Loved Ones with Happiness and Good Luck!

If you are also the one who believes in the Feng Shui and Vastu, then a lucky Bamboo plant is the perfect one for you to drool over. Be it about the festive season or about decorating your working or living space authentically so that you can have ample satisfaction sitting and working in your space, green plants are the ones that are worth the investment.

Talking about the plants, if you want to dig in something that can make your place looks beautiful and feels positive, Lucky Bamboo plants are the best one to rely on. They are associated with the Feng Shui practices that make it more pure and authentic to place in the house or offices. They have the power to bring all the natural elements into balance. If you are looking for a perfect gift to send to your loved ones to wish them with all happiness, then this plant makes a perfect gift as well because it represents good health, peace, happiness, prosperity, longevity, and good luck. So, send lucky Bamboo plant online in Dubai and many other UAE emirates.

Significance of Bamboo Plants based on Number of Stalks Present in Them! 

If you have decided to include Bamboo plants in your home and workspaces, then knowing everything about them is very necessary before welcoming them in your life. Bamboo plants are the one that is associated with luck and prosperity. From the red string wrapped around them to the number of stalks, they consist of. Everything has its own meaning and significance and meaning.

Talking about the red string, it represents the flow of energy. The red color makes the energy positive and regulates the flow of energy. If you have kept this plant in your room, then the energy around you will always be positive and your tensions and stress will be controlled.

Now, talking about the stalks present in the plant, the number defines the meaning and the virtue they are used for. So, if you have no idea about Lucky Bamboo plants benefits, then read them here:

•         2 Stalks: The plant having two stalks represents love.
•         3 Stalks: The presence of three stalks represents happiness, wealth, and long life.
•         5 Stalks: Five stalks in the plant represents the areas of life that impact wealth.   
•         6 Stalks: The plants having six stalks represent luck and wealth.   
•         7 Stalks: Seven stalks represent healthy well-being and a good life.  
•         8 Stalks: The presence of having eight stalks shows growth in life.
•         9 Stalks: The nine stalks represent good luck and fortune in life.  
•         10 Stalks: Ten stalks represent perfection in life.  
•         21 Stalks: The plant having twenty-one stalks shows powerful blessings.  

You must be wondering why the plant having four stalks in not included in the list! So, the reason is that the Bamboo plants that have 4 stalks are not available on any online plant selling web portal because they represent death and funerals.  

Lucky Bamboo Plant Types- Flowerdeliveryuae!

Spiral Bamboo PlantThis plant is botanically known as Dracaena sanderiana and is easy to grow. This plant is the symbol of money and good luck.
2 Layer Bamboo PlantTwo layered plant is said to double your luck in every phase of life and bring happiness in every department.
3 Layer Bamboo PlantThree stalks represent happiness, wealth, and luck in lives.
Feng Shui Bamboo PlantThis type teaches the owner to be flexible and stay strong in the difficulties. It is also one of the cures of Feng Shui problems in houses and offices.
Curly Bamboo PlantThis plant is very easy and convenient to grow. It can be grown up in a small dish of water as well and with minimum light.
Clumping Bamboo PlantThis plant grows in upward direction so it requires a wide space for plantation.
Twisted Bamboo PlantThis category is from the uncommon ones. But, it does not require high amount of light to grow.

So, if you have decided to hands-on the most popular and recommended Lucky Bamboo plants online for UAE, then you will come across these wide varieties. So, go through the information given and pick your favorite one from the huge line of Bamboo plants available online at Flowerdeliveryuae.ae.

Apart from this plant, the other plants are also available on the website that are worth considering like:

•         Lucky Plants: These plants are the ones through which one can bless their loved ones with happiness and good luck. Bamboo plant is also a type of Lucky plant.
•         Indoor Plants: The indoor plants are the ones that are kept inside the house or offices to make the place more authentic and worth spending time.
•         Outdoor Plants: The purpose of bringing outdoor plants is to decorate the home garden with some unique and uncommon plants that makes it look more beautiful and gorgeous.
•         Cactuses and Succulents: If you are also a fan of Cactus and Succulent plants, then you must check the enticing and huge range of cactus available on our site.
•         Flowering Plants: For the one who loves flowers, these Flowering plants are the ones that are worth considering as their beauty lies inside the flowers they produce.
•         Money Plants: Every house must be blessed with a Money plant for sure as this plant is the one that brings luck, prosperity, and well bring in the lives of humans.

Care Tips to Handle Bamboo Plants Properly!

After making mind for going with this plant category to fuse your living and working space as well with the positivity and nice ambiance, then you must be aware of about the caring tips that will be needed in growing them. So, here they are:

•         They grow best in the light-filled location.
•         Rotate them often so that light can reach to every corner of the plant
•         Make sure the plant have enough water so that the roots are completely in the water
•         Change water in every two or three months to avoid rotten roots
•         Make sure the distance between the stalks of the plants and the edge of the bowl or dish in which it is kept is at least one inch.
•         If your plant outgrows the pot, quickly replace the pot with the bigger one.
•         If you see any yellow stem in your plant, then remove the yellow part completely to avoid further deterioration.

Shop Lucky Bamboo Plants Online Easily from Flowerdeliveryuae!

If you want to send this amazing and useful plant to your loved ones residing in the UAE region, then Flowerdeliveryuae.ae can be the best option for you to drool over as we offer fast and trustworthy delivery services so that your plant can reach the location without any hassle. Here, you can find amazing and many varieties of plants, plants combos, plants with vases, and plant arrangements as well so that you can make your presence outlandish with this green gold. So, place your order now and send lucky Bamboo plants online to Abu Dhabi from Flowerdeliveryuae now! 

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