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Birthday Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Birthdays are indeed one of the best and most waited day for everyone from a kid to the grandparents. Birthdays are not only important for the birthday person, but also for the closed ones so that they can surprise the celebrant with hugs, kisses, gifts and of course birthday wishes. Whether you are one of the near and dear ones or from the far and loved ones, birthday wishes are the inevitable part of birthday gifts.

If you are also searching for the expressive birthday wishes to wish your loved ones, then here is your ultimate solution:

Birthday wishes for Mom

Birthday wishes for mom

1. Mumma, you will always be the first woman of my life whom I have ever loved. You are the only reason for what I am now. On your birthday, I just want to give you all the happiness in the world. Happy Birthday my world!

2. I am the luckiest child of the world as I have the sweetest mom in the world. I wish I could fulfill all your dreams and give you all the happiness on your birthday. I wish you a heartiest and loving birthday maa!

3. Thank you so much mom for always being there to hold my back. M blessed to have you in my life. Let us make your birthday terrific together!

4. Twinkle twinkle little star, my mom is my superstar! I wish the fantastic and the coolest mom in the world a fantastic and amazing birthday. Happy birthday, mommy!

5. A very happy birthday to the woman who has never looked back in life in any problem. Mom, you are just incredible. Thanks for everything you did. Have an incredible and mind-blowing birthday!

6. My mom, you are my angel, my superhero, my guide, and my life without whom I am nothing. I wish you have all the happiness of the world and the bundles of joy and laughter on your birthday. Happy Birthday Maa and May this birthday be the most special one!

7. My dearest mother, your presence has made my life meaningful. Thank you for the countless sacrifices you made for me! May God grant you a hundred years of life on your birthday and each day be filled with happiness and joy!

8. May this day be one of the best and most special in your life and you got whatever you have dreamt of. Wish you a very happy, healthy, and fun birthday to my world.

9. Every year I wait for this day to come so that I can make my loving mother feel special and pampered as she makes me feel every second of life. All the best wishes and love for you on your birthday my dearest mum!

10. Happy birthday, mum! Be on the bed and just chillax as it’s your day and you deserve all the happiness and pampering in the world.

Birthday Wishes for Dad

Birthday wishes for dad

1. A very Happy Birthday to the only man of life who has spent so many years being my compass and showing me the right direction in every phase of life. Thank you so much, dad! You mean the world to me!

2. I am as lucky as I can be as I have the best dad in the world who loves me unconditionally without caring for right or wrong. Thanks, Dad for your constant support and love! Very Happy Birthday to you poppz and I wish you got all the happiness in the world.

3. No matter how much I have grown up, I will always be your little champ who will look at you for advice in every step of life. So, make sure you never leave me alone! Happy Birthday to the world’s best dad!

4. Dad! Don’t worry as you are not growing old, you are becoming vintage day by day! With loads and loads of hugs and kisses, Happy Birthday Superhero of my life!

5. Some thought that superheroes do not exist as they don’t have dads like you. Thank you so much Popz for being such a cool-headed dad ever. Let’s make your birthday more amazing by rock and roll!

6. My dad is my best friend that I could ever find on my own! Thank you so much for making my childhood this special and happening! Now, it’s your turn to be relaxed and chill as it’s your Birthday!

7. Dad, you have always tried your best to give me my dream life. But now, it’s time for you to just relax and chill as my hero deserves to feel at least the least best today as you have made me feel every second of my life. A very happy birthday dad and may you have every sort of happiness in your life!

8. Dadda, the only wish I have is to be like you in my life with this nature and this big heart that has immense love for everyone. Happy birthday my superhero!

9. A very happy birthday to my lucky charm who has taught me how to deal with every worse situation of my life. Thank you for the guidance and the lovely life that you have given to me. Happy birthday, dad, stay blessed and stay healthy and of course handsome as you are always!

10. Blessings to that million-dollar smile on your face who has always taught me to stay strong and believe in yourself. Have a blasting and fantastic birthday to my dad, my hero of life!

Birthday Wishes for Husband

Birthday wishes for husband

1. Happy Birthday to weirdo! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks for being who you are and for always seeing the brighter side of everything and you know that I Love You!

2. The meaning of soulmate is like a fairytale to me until I met you. You are the man of my dreams. From a smile to your style, you are my superhero. Let’s get away from all the hustle and bustle and make the most of your birthday. Happy Birthday, sweety!

3. Not only Happy Birthday, but I also have a lot to say to you my loving husband. From the day you have entered my life, everything seems to be more beautiful and gleaming. I love the way we are and always wanted you to be like this. Happy Birthday, darling! May you have all the happiness in the world!

4. May this amazing day be the one from where your day started with a smile and ends with giggles and laughter! I wish you a very Happy Birthday baby and may God grant you a life of more than a hundred years! Love You!!

5. On this birthday, I wish you all the happiness of life with lots and lots of hugs and kisses to you. I will always be there to hold your hand and to walk all the distance with you like your shadow. Happy Birthday darling with all my love!

6. Every year that we have crossed together is like a test paper where we got to know each other more. On this birthday, I promise you, my dear husband, to be a part of not only your heart and happiness but also your sorrows and bad times. Happy Birthday, baby! I wish you got what you want and deserve in your life!

7. Baby, the most awaited day is here as its birthday! To all the love you have showered on me, all the strength you have given to me and to our relationship, and to all the charm you have added in my life, I thank you a lot and will love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday dear husband and I sure I will make this birthday the most special for you and for us as well!

8. With each year passing, my love for you also increases and enhances step by step. You are like a dream come true. May you have a fantastic birthday and all the happiness comes to you. Wish you a very Happy Birthday sweety!

9. My dearest husband, you are my lucky charm with whom I have seen every happiness of the world holding hand in hand. On your birthday, let’s have some rock and roll and groove to your favorite music.

10. So baby, finally your birthday is here and I want to spend every second of this day only with you and pamper you the way you care for me every day. Happy Birthday, sweetheart! Be happy and be with me always holding my hand in every phase of life. Lots and lots of love and kisses to you!

Birthday Wishes for Wife

Birthday wishes for wife

1. Happy birthday to the only women in the whole world I wouldn’t mind being shipwrecked on a vacant island!

2. Dear wifey, be on the bed and chillax as it’s your day and you deserve all the happiness and pampering of the world. Happy Birthday sweetheart and today you will get everything you dreamt of!

3. Every year with you gives the better version of life and every second without you feels terrible. On your birthday, I want to confess my immense love for you as I don’t want to be left without you ever.

4. My dearest wife, with you, I have seen and experienced the best part of my life and I love the way you have made my life happy and joyful. Happy Birthday darling and may this birthday be one of the best birthdays that we have spent together! Keep smiling and giggling that way you are!

5. I will never forget that innocence on your face and the sparkle in your eyes that have made me fall in love with you. You are the sunshine of life. And, on your birthday, I wish you with all the love and blessings that you stay fit and happy and as my princess forever and ever.

6. The day you entered in my life is the day when I learned to be happy. Thank you so much darling for making my life so blissful. Happy Birthday baby and I promise that I will make this day of yours more special for you with my love.

Birthday Wishes for Brother

Birthday wishes for brother

1. On this Birthday, may you get all the happiness of the world, but before that some mind to think and act properly! Okay, I know there are many faults in you, but you know that I love you too. Happy birthday to the one crazy fellow in my family who has made my childhood very special! Thanks, dude!

2. No one could be as happy as I am seeing you grown up into a mature man with responsibilities and a calm mind. I wish you the best ever birthday with the drinks on and the party mood lifting! Stay happy and stay blessed!

3. Dear brother, you have become an adult now. So, please stop irritating me and hiding my stuff! I know this is impossible and so does what I want. Your tantrums and guidance has made my life more blissful. Happy Birthday to the best man of my life! May you grow more and more and succeed in life!

4. Yooo bro, the best day has arrived as it is your birthday. We get another chance to party and to enjoy ourselves. So, what are you waiting for! Get your shoes on and rock and roll!

5. Loving brother of mine, we have spent some most amazing time together from childhood to now and my favorite is your birthday. But, the difference is only this that we are not together this year. So, Happy Birthday Bro! Make most of this day and be happy always!

6. Thank you so much dear brother for all the love and the support that you have given to me in all those years and that too without demanding. I wish you with all my love and all the happiness of the world on your Birthday. Keep smiling and be like this forever and ever.

7. We both have that strongest bond between us that can never fade despite the distance between us. On this special day, we might not be together, but my love will always be there with you forever and ever. Happiest Birthday dear brother and keep that gleaming smile on your face!

8. Whenever I felt sad, I have always seen you by my side making me laugh with your craziness. On your birthday, I would like to promise you that you will find me in every phase of your life in the same way we used to be together. Have a fantastic and mind-blowing birthday bro!

9. A very happy birthday to the most important person of life whose position cannot be replaced ever and never. Love uhh bro very much and that you as well!

10. Dear brother, do not drink so much and dance like a mad person. I know it’s your birthday, but try to be a grown-up! Happy Birthday crazy!

Birthday Wishes for Sister

Birthday wishes for sister

1. Sometimes like a mother and sometimes like a friend, dear sister, you have made my life more beautiful and easy to live with your support and love. Very Happy Birthday to you dear sister and be the happy soul that you are forever and ever!

2. I am the luckiest person in the world as I have the coolest sister ever. Happy Birthday dear soulmate and you are my better half from childhood to till now!

3. I might fight with you over trivial things, but let me spill out the beans as I cherish every moment that I have spent with you. Make this birthday the perfect one with fun and enjoyment and stay happy and blessed. Happy Birthday, dear!

4. Thank you, dear sister, for being the most loving and caring person in my life and for making my life simple and easier with your advice and support! Have a blast on your birthday and make this special day more special and worth remembering.

5. If I got another chance to choose a sister on my own, you would be the first and last choice for sure. I wish you the happiest birthday my dear friend and may you got whatever you want and need in your life.

6. I wish that the coming birthday be the one that makes you laugh, happy, loved, and blessed and your life picks up the speed of success and growth. Make the most of your day and enjoy it to the fullest and this is your birthday.

7. I love you a lot my first and foremost BFF who was always there to handle my tantrums. On your birthday, I wish you all the happiness of the world and your birthday is the most special one for you in your life. Happy Birthday dear sister!

8. Happy Birthday to the most special person of my life! Dear sister, I wish you the ocean of happiness and the bundles of joy in your life.

9. With all the hugs and kisses and the immense love, I wish you, my dear sis, a very happy and blissful birthday and may this birthday be the happiest and the most joyful one. Stay Blessed and Stay Happy!

10. Fairies are the only imaginative, but when you entered in my life, the shape has given to my imagination. I am blessed to have such a loving and caring sister in my life. I wish your birthday be the best and the most spectacular one! Happy Birthday dear and you know that I Love you a lot!

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Birthday wishes for boyfriend

1. A very Happy Birthday to the special man of my life! Meeting you was one of the most special things that have ever happened to me. You are the reason why I am smiling and dreaming with open eyes.

2. Happy Birthday to the man who is full of comforts! You are the one whose arms are like home to me. I feel so secure there without any worries and love and only love revolving around. Love you darling and have a blissful birthday ahead.

3. We have spent quite a long time together and in all these years, the one thing that is clear is I am going to love you like this forever and ever. Happy Birthday sweetheart and may this day be the beginning of everything good!

4. Sending you the ocean of love and the bundles of joy with the warm birthday wishes, I promise that I will never leave your side and will always be there to hold your back. So, common baby, let’s rock and roll and make your birthday the special one.

5. A very Happy Birthday to the most special amazing person of my life who has made my world complete! I Love You, darling!

6. Lots of love and kisses to the man on whom I can always count! Baby, you have made my life so amazing that I can’t even imagine a second without you. Happy Birthday, darling and be like this always!

7. When you hold me in your arms, I feel like home, so safe and secure inside! May this birthday of yours be the one that brings everything good and joyful for you and you got everything you need and much more. Happy Birthday my love!

8. Let our passionate love give us so much warmth and comfort that cold and lonely passes easily. I am always there for you and I know that you will always be there for me as well. Happy Birthday! Stay Blessed!

9. Happy Birthday to the hottest and the charming person I have ever met. Your single smile is enough to make me fall in your love. Happy Birthday sweetheart! I love the way you are and want you to be like this forever and ever!

10. To the precious man of my life, a very happy and most amazing birthday love! May this day be the most special and memorable day of your life! Let’s make the most of this day together!

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Birthday wishes for girlfriend

1. To my cutie pie, here is your man wishing you the most special and amazing birthday ever. Love you to the moon and back!

2. Hye princess! Look at the bright sun wishing you all the happiness of the world on your birthday. May this birthday bring you everything that you have dreamt of!

3. Wish you the jolliest and the happiest birthday ever my love! Always have that sparkle in your eyes and that killing smile on your face.

4. With presents and parties, cocktails, and more! I wish you a very happy and fun birthday my sweetheart! May you always shine like a bright star and you know that I love you so much!

5. Every day I want to thank God for sending this little kid in my life whose smile made my day and what else can be the better occasion than your birthday! A very Happy Birthday to you love! You are one in a million darling!

6. Hye birthday girl, I hope that you are doing fine and with this message, you will wake up with a wide and bright smile on your face. You know that without you, my life is like a roller coaster ride full of ups and downs, but are the real constant in my life. Happy Birthday to my world!

7. Cut the cake and blow the candles as it’s your happy birthday girl! Lets rock and roll and spend day and night and every second of life together! Lots of love and kissed and warm birthday wishes to the love of my life!

8. On your birthday sweetheart, I promise that I will do every possible thing to keep that bright smile on your face intact. Wish you the loveliest birthday dear and may you make most of the day amazingly!

9. With the bouquet of roses and the boxed of chocolates, I wish the sun of my life the joyous birthday ever. Stay happy and stay blessed and be the one that you are!

10. Come and hold my hand and walk with me! Let’s be happy as we can be! Happiest Birthday sweetheart!

Birthday Wishes for Grandparents

Birthday wishes for grandparents

1. I hope you have a fantastic birthday grandee! Without you, my life would have been dull and with no light. Be with me forever and ever and keep your blessed hand on my head. I love you so much!

2. Dear grandpa, I wish you the most joyous birthday ever! You are truly a blessing for me and I want to be under the shade of your values my whole life.

3. Feeling so blessed to have you in my life grandpa! You have made my life more subtle and I will always preach your lessons. Happy Birthday dear grandpa ad enjoy your day with grandma dancing and grooving!

4. Dear grandma, you are not old, but vintage with those grey hairs! Enjoy the day and don’t forget to have your favorite cake as well. Love you the most cutie pie!

5. It always surprises me how you can know my problems every time! I have no idea what would have I done without you grandee! Happiest birthday dear grandee and may this year be the healthiest one for you!

6. A very happy birthday to the one who deserves all the happiness, love, care, and concern of the world! May you have a brighter and healthier year ahead!

7. Happy Birthday, oldie goldie! Without you, my life is just incomplete! Promise me that you will be there with me for the next hundred years listening to my jokes and be a part of my pranks. Love you to the infinity!

8. Yoo grandma, you know one thing that you are the coolest oldie I have ever met. Be like this forever and shine brightly all your life. Love you loads and wish you the happiest birthday sweety!

9. Happiest birthday grandee! You don’t look a day older! You are as beautiful as you are always. Love you so much and wish you the happiest and the coolest birthday ever!

10. It is the biggest honor for me to celebrate your birthday with me! Don’t be on bed grandee and I am here to make you rock and roll. Happiest birthday love and be happy and healthy always!

Birthday Wished for Son

Birthday wishes for son

1. Happiest Birthday day dear son! You are the reason for the brighter smile on our faces and also the hustle and bustle in the house. But, we love you to the infinite! Have a fantastic birthday ever!

2. The day you entered my life, it has changed to the fullest and for the better. You are the reason for my happiness. My day starts with you and ends with you. Wish you the amazing and the joyous birthday ever!

3. You will always be the sunshine of our life dear son. Your mom and dad both love you very much and you have always made us proud. Love to so much and let us make your birthday more special and happening tonight!

4. I always thank God to bless me with such a special son who has given a whole new meaning to my life. You are such a blessing to me. With warm wishes and all the happiness of the world, a very Happy Birthday sweety!

5. You are a treasure for me from above, who brings me so much joy, fun, and love. Happy birthday, son! May this birthday be the one that will bring all the happiness to you!

6. You are my pride and joy, a man after my heart who holds a special place in my life. Happy birthday son from your loving and caring dad!

7. From your naughty and mischievous actions to your mature and grown-up personality; you have made your mom and dad so proud of you dear son. Happiest and the loveliest birthday love!

8. Thank you so much dear for being such a fantastic son! You dad is truly proud of you! Have a mind-blowing birthday and make the most of this day and have fun!

9. From waking you up in the morning to making you sleep, every second of my day is dedicates to you. You mum love you the most in the whole world. Have the most amazing day ahead! Happy Birthday son!

10. Wish you the brightest and the joyous birthday ever dear son. You may get everything you want and desire in your life and fulfill your dreams.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Birthday wishes for daughter

1. May you forever shine like a star and sparkle the happiness in everyone’s life! I wish you the happiest birthday darling!

2. Your mom and dad wish you the most special and happening birthday ever and be this birthday be the one that is full of happiness and good luck for you! Happy Birthday, cutie pie!

3. From the little princess, you have grown up a beautiful and self-made mature personality and this view is heaven to the eyes. Your mom is so proud of your daughter! Have a brilliant and the most amazing birthday ahead.

4. It’s an honor to be the mother of such an incredible daughter who has always been such a special, loving, and caring child. Sweety, your mom loves you to the moon and back. Wish you the most amazing birthday ever dear!

5. Being a dad of such a beautiful and special daughter is such a pride for me! I have always kept you safe in my arms and now see you are such an incredible person. May this birthday be the one that brings all the happiness of the world for you!

6. You are always and will always be the princess for your dad who is wishing you the happiest and the most special birthday ever. Love you so much sweetheart and thank you for being such a sweet child.

7. No matter what the situation will be, your dad will always be there to protect you. You just close your eyes and be in the dream world of yours. Happy Birthday, darling! Be happy always and rock the world!

8. You meant everything for your mum and dad dear love. We love you to the moon and back and we hope that this birthday be the one that brings all the happiness and the luck for you. Keep smiling and have a fantastic birthday ever!

9. When you are happy, we are happy! When you are sad, we are sad! But, when you are broke, it’s time to find a job dear daughter! Happy Birthday, love!

10. Apart from all the shopping coupons, how about a coupon of hugs and kisses from your loving mom on your birthday! If interested, come home before 10!

Birthday Wishes for Friends

Birthday wishes for friends

1. I am so lucky to have you in my life as a person on whom I can count in every phase of life. Wish you a very happy birthday dear BFF! You have no idea how much I adore you and is blessed to have you in my life. Love you loads, bro!

2. We have completed many years of friendship and I am looking for many more such years to irritate you with my problems. Have a warm and comfortable birthday and I am here to make it more awesome.

3. My dear bestie, on your birthday, I would like to wish you all the love and the happiness that you deserve. Persons like you in difficult to find and I am lucky to have you by my side!

4. Dear friend, I am very lucky to have you as a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold and walk carefree. Thanks for being such a gem in my life. Wish you the happiest birthday dear! Keep smiling and be a shining star always.

5. Hye hotty! You are growing old now! Okay don’t kill me for this but friends are for telling the truth also. Love you crazy fellow for making my life heaven from hell. Wish you the most special and the gleaming birthday ever dear!

6. On this special day of yours, may God shower you with the blessings and this birthday becomes the most special and memorable one for you! Happy Birthday, BFF!

7. Behind every step of mine, you were there to hold my back and on your birthday, I promise that I will always be there in every phase of life to hold your back. Have the happiest birthday darling!

Birthday Wishes for Colleagues

Birthday wishes for colleagues

1. Wishing you a great birthday and a memorable year ahead! May this birthday be the one that brings all the happiness of the world to you. Have the happiest birthday ever!

2. Hoping your birthday brings you many happy reasons to celebrate and to cheer up all day long and not only the present-day but all the coming days of the year! Wish you the amazing and the most special birthday!

3. Wishing you the best and the most special on your birthday! May this day brings you all the happiness and gives you whatever you want and desire in your life. Celebrate your birthday amazingly and have a wonderful coming year.

4. I hope the special and most awaited day of your life is filled with happiness and joy and you enjoy every second of the day with a broader smile on your face. Happy Birthday, dear!

5. Wishing you a very happy and joyous birthday and a wonderful year ahead and you fulfill every dream of yours. Have the most incredible birthday ever!

6. With all my heart and the warm wishes, I wish you the happiest and the most amazing of all the birthdays. Keep smiling the enjoy your day to the fullest!

7. Happy Birthday and all the best wishes to you from the bottom of my heart for the year to come! Hope you have the best of all! Happy Birthday, sweety!

8. Wishing you a relaxing and comfortable birthday ever and May you get all the reasons for smiling and be happy not only today but in the year to come. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

9. With warm wishes and all the blessings from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very happy and incredible birthday ahead. Thanks you so much for being such a nice colleague and my partner in crime!

10. It’s my pleasure to work with you and to share such a platform for such a great person. Wish you the happiest birthday ever!

Birthday Quotes

Birthday quotes

1. “Count your life by happiness, not sadness. Count your age by memories, not years! Wish you a very Happy birthday dear!”

2. “A very gleaming and happening Happy birthday! I hope all your wishes, dreams, and desires come true.”

3. “A wish for you on your birthday from the bottom of my heart, whatever you ask may you get, whatever you seek may you receive, and whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on this special day of yours and always! Happy birthday, sweetheart! “

4. “Happy birthday dear! May your Facebook wall be filled with messages and your insta DMs be filled with emoji and lovely thoughts especially from the people you never talk. Have an amazing and amusing birthday! ”

5. “Dear cutie, Do you know that you’re older today than yesterday but younger than tomorrow? Happy growing old and happy birthday as well!”

6. “On the special occasion of your birthday, I wish you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy. May you never have to look behind! Happy birthday love!”

7. “Here, on your birthday, sending you smiles for every moment of your special day and wishing with the warm wishes that will fuse your day with happiness! Have a wonderful time and a very happy and amazing birthday!”

8. “Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires and you have dreamt of! Here is my heart wishing you a day full of pleasant surprises and moment of happiness and love! Happy birthday darling!”

9. “Happy birthday to the most special person on earth and in my life! From good friends and true, from old friends and new, may good luck go with you at every step of life and the happiness too!”

10. “A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here wishing you great happiness and a joy that never ends. Have a very happy and fantastic birthday ahead”

Inspirational Birthday Messages

Inspirational Birthday Messages

1. “Your age is not just a number that is increasing continuously or information about you. It is a parameter of how much life you have enjoyed and experienced, and how much is still left to explore and experiment with. I wish this exploration never ends and you got to know more about you and your life! A very happy birthday, friend!”

2. “The path of the future on which everyone is walking is uncertain and blurred. Also, the walk is long and tiring. But in the end, you got to realize that it was all worth and deserving! So, enjoy every moment and experiment with your life. Happy birthday dear! Be young and charming always!”

3. “Every year when I see you on your birthday, I find a person who is wiser and more mature and more responsible than before. Hope this trend goes like this even in the future. Wish you a very Happy Birthday and all the happiness and joy of the world so that you can rock and roll as well!”

4. With the new year, set new goals of life and your achievements even higher! Have a mind-blowing and luckiest birthday ever!

5. “At this age, you have learned so many valuable and crucial things. But, trust me, life is going to surprise and astound you with the new lessons of life. On your birthday, I pray to God for your success and continued skills as you become a mature guy now.”

Funny Birthday Messages

Funny Birthday Messages

1. “No need to think about the past as you can’t change it! Forget about the future, you can’t predict it! And if you are looking for the present, I didn’t get you one! Happy birthday, sweetheart!”

2. “A big cheers to one more step towards your growing wrinkles and grey hairs! Happiest Birthday baby! “

3. “Happiest Birthday to one of the special persons in my life whose birthday I can remember without Facebook notification!”

4. “You can have your childhood only once, but you can be brainless and immature for a lifetime! This is the superpower you have my friend. Happy Birthday!”

5. “Congratulations dear, you are a year more experienced now, but the problem is I did not get what you have learned the whole year! Happiest Birthday my bestie!”

Sentimental Birthday Messages

Sentimental Birthday Messages

1. For someone who has enhanced my life with no end and all the happiness of the world, I am wishing the most lavish and the gleaming birthday possible! You are such a genuinely wonderful and superbly amazing person and to have you in my life is one of the biggest blessings for me. Be like this forever and ever!

2. There isn’t a single day in my life that goes about where I would have taken you for granted; I appreciate you, your deeds, and everything that you do to keep me away from all the sorrows and pain. Wish you the happiest birthday ever with all the warm wishes and blessing in my heart!

3. Wishing the magnificent birthday to the most charming person of life who has left no stone unturned in making my life this beautiful! Thanks, dude for the constant support, love, and understanding. May this birthday be the one that brings happiness and joy in your life!

4. Another year passes by and you look this good never before; May the coming years be kind to you and the life treats you this wonderfully. Have the happiest and the most amazing birthday ever sweetheart!

5. Dear one, you deserve all the beauties available on earth as this is your birthday! May you get what you have dreamt of and may all your dreams get fulfilled! Have a fantastic birthday and make the most of the day!

Birthday Greetings

1. “Your birthday is the most awaited day in the journey of 365 days!

May you shine like a star brighter in the sky,

May you gleam like the precious stone,

May you get all the beauties of the world,

Happy Birthday!”

2. “Cherish ever moment of this special day with that brighter smile on your face

and the sparkle in your eyes!

Today you deserve all the happiness of the world and to feel special!

So, forget every trouble and

Happy Birthday!!”

3. May your birthday be filled with the happiness,

love, joy, and every bit of luck and success!

Cherish this beautiful day with your family and friends and make this day more special and worth remembering!

Happy Birthday!!

4. Wishing you a birthday filled with joy, love, passion, strength, good luck,

and more and more of success.

May you get every desired thing and all your dreams come true!

Happy Birthday!!

5. Loving thoughts and warm wishes,

I want to send to you,

Let’s celebrate this birthday with lots of cheer,

And pray for the best in the coming year,

Happy Birthday!!