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Christmas Day Wishes, Quotes and Messages

With the jingle bells all around and snow gingering the Christmas tree lights, after crossing a whole year, Christmas has made its appearance with the onset of winters and marking the end of another amazing year. With cakes and chocolate, flowers and greetings, everyone thought to give the best Christmas gift to the loved ones. But, what can be better than a heart-touching message from your side that will automatically turn the day into an amazing one.

So, if you are also searching for some sort of heartfelt Christmas wishes and messages 2021 to beautify the greeting cards, then here with our fresh collection, you can surely express your love uniquely to your dear ones residing in the UAE.

Christmas Day Wishes, Quotes and Messages

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Grandparents

Grandparents are the one who has made our lives more beautiful and blissful with their blessings. On this Christmastime, let your loving and heart-warming messages surprise your loving Grandma and Grandpa.

Christmas Messages for Grandparents

Check these Christmas messages and wish festival amazingly with your love, care, and concern.

1. Winter’s greetings to the world’s most fantastic and wonderful grandparents! May your Christmas be filled with joy, cheer and plenty of chocolate and cake! Merry Christmas!

2. Dear oldies, nothing makes me happier than making you both happy this Christmas season. Merry Christmas to the world’s most rocking grandparents!

3. The only thing that is sweeter than the Christmas cake is you both. Thanks for always being there with me every Christmas making it more special and memorable.

4. Dear grandparents, I would not know the joy of Christmas if you would not have been there with me to cherish this day every year. Merry Christmas to both of you!

5. My no Christmas is complete without you both my dear and lovable oldies. I hope you both remain like this with me forever and ever making my Christmas special.

6. The unconditional love you both showered on me can never be repaid. So, this Christmas gift is just a small token of my appreciation and love for you both. Merry Christmas, my sunshine and my superheroes!

7. Every time I open the door of your house, it’s like unwrapping and welcoming a Christmas gift to cherish for a lifetime. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas dear Grandparents!

8. Dear grandparents, you both have put the word grand in the term Grandparents. Thanks a lot for being a beacon of hope for me every time. Merry Christmas to you both!

9. Merry Christmas to you heroes. May God bestow upon you all the joy and happiness that life can bring and you both have the happiest Christmas!

10. As Christ is to Christmas, so are you to this family and life. May God bless you abundantly this Christmas season!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Dad

You and your dad must have spent quite many Christmases together partying and dancing. But, this year, if you both are not together, then there is no need to be worried about anything, as here are some blissful Christmas wishes 2021 that you can send to your loving Dad for wishing him the best and superb festival.

Christmas Messages for Dad

1. To my dear father, the miracle is here as the hush of Christmas is upon us. May you have the blessed Christmas and happy holiday!

2. To my loving and caring father, you are the reason why my Christmas is so gleaming every year. May this holiday be filled with happiness and joy and every second of your life becomes beautiful. Merry Christmas Dad!

3. Merry Christmas dad! Life is like a ride. So, let us enjoy every second of this wonderful day and may your life be filled with happiness and success.

4. For my amazing Dad, Merry Christmas! I hope every part of your holiday season becomes as special as you are!

5. Thank you so much dad for your vote of confidence in me and your non wavered confidence in me. Merry Christmas dear dad!

6. Dear Dad, you have always made my Christmas special. I might have not given you many proud moments, but I love you so much. May you have the happiest and the brightest Christmas ever!

7. In my life,

You are the best joy!

I still remember

Our first toy!

I wish you have the best and the gleaming Christmas dad!

8. This Christmas season, my only wish to God is to make you happier in your life and ay the end of the year becomes more special and worth celebrating for you! Merry Christmas Dad!

9. Dad, in my life, you are the one on whom I can count closing my eyes. You are the only reason for my smile and happiness. And, I wish that I can make your dreams come true. Merry Christmas my superhero.

10. The lessons that I learned from you will always be there with me in every phase of my life. This holiday season, I wish to see you smiling to the glee. Merry Christmas Dad!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Mom

From your very first Christmas, your mom was there to make every moment of the day special for you. From Christmas tree to the Christmas cake, she has left no chance in giving you the best day ever. This year, let her be proud on her son or daughter and give her all the happiness.

Christmas Messages for Mom

Send your mom some amazing and sweet Christmas 2021 messages that will melt her heart and express your unconditional love for her from our collection of wishes and messages for Christmas.

1. Dear mom, having you in my life is like a blessing. You have taught me what Christmas is. May this day end with Christmas cheers and every happiness in your arms. Merry Christmas lifeline!

2. Merry Christmas to my dearest mom! You are amazing who makes everyone around feel warm. May this day be the happiest day for you ever full of joy and laughter!

3. I am very thankful for this holiday season as I got time to meet you and hug you and sleep again in your lap. Just be ready as we are going to have so much fun this Christmas season. Merry Christmas Mom!

4. Dear Mom, may your Christmas be as warm as Christmas cookies and you got every happiness of life that I got when I see your sparkling eyes. Wish you the happiest Christmas mum!

5. Thank you so much mom for always being there for me and making my every Christmas that special. May this year, it will be the best ever and wonderful Christmas for you filled with happiness and joy!

6. I don’t need Christmas gifts as I have the greatest gift in the world, my mom. Merry Christmas mom and Love you a lot!

7. Cheers all around and happiness in the heart, you have been there for me right from the start! Mom, may you have the happiest and the brightest Christmas!

8. May this Christmas brings the fresh start and the happiness in your life! Merry Christmas Mom!

9. Dear Mom, I know that we often get to see each other, but you know that you will always be there in my heart holding that special place. Have the brightest and the happiest Christmas ever!

10. Mom, you know what was my favorite thing about Christmas? It was baking cakes with you. I still have those memories in my heart. Have the wonderful Christmas ever!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Husband

It is indeed a fact that action speaks louder than words, but sometimes, emotions need to be reflected and expressed with words. With the winters, your wait has come to an end for the special occasion of Christ day. Wish your dearest husband a very happy and blissful Christmas with all your love in a special manner with the wishes and messages given below.

Christmas Messages for Husband

1. We have come up with some romantic and amazing Merry Christmas wishes for the wives to send to their loving husbands and wish festival with all the love.

2. God has always been too kind to me for sending such a gem to my life. Now everything I do is for keeping you closer forever in my life. Merry Christmas dear hubby!

3. You are the best husband in the world and the best friend in my life who has always supported me in my silly mistakes. My Christmas dreams are cannot be fulfilled without your love!

4. The best part of Christmas morning is waking up next to you and getting a morning kiss. I just love the way you always make me feel special in your arms. Let’s make this Christmas more special together!

5. Thank you, dear husband, for making me believe in fairy-tales. I cannot imagine what my life would have been without your support, love and your presence. Merry Christmas, darling, I love you so much to the moon and back.

6. Every moment spent with you is so special and dream-like that I don’t want to wake up. I hope this holiday season gives us tons of happiness and loads of incredible times together. Merry Christmas dear husband!

7. Having you in my life holding hands and walking together is the best I could ever wish for. You make my Christmases beautiful, bright and blissful. Merry Christmas dear love!

8. Your million-dollar smile and happiness is what that matters to me a lot. I will always be there with you irritating you and making you laugh at my silly mistakes. Merry Christmas dear husband!

9. Loving you is the best ever decision that I have taken in my life. This Christmas, I promise to be with you forever and ever. Merry Christmas!

10. Christmas has always brought special and joyful moments in our life. We have such special memories attached to this holiday season. Let us relive all those moments again together. Have the happiest Christmas dear!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Wife

Christmas has always been the best time to fuse the air with love and romance. Your wife is that one person in your life who has held your hand without and ifs and buts. This holiday season; pair your Christmas letters and gifts with some romantic Christmas day wishes and messages that will make your loving wife feel special.

Christmas Messages for Wife

Here, we have listed some sweet and cute Christmas messages for wife that will make this festival very special for her.

1. I wanted to wrap my love up this year and send it to you on this special Christ day, but I couldn’t find a box huge enough, so please accept this gift as a token of love. All my love on this special Christmas day is only and only for you! Merry Christmas dear!

2. I am so blessed to have you because after you stepped into my life, I am having Christmas every day, every second in my heart. Merry Christmas my Darling!!

3. You came to my life with hands full of lots and lots of happiness and fun. Merry Christmas my sweet wife!

4. Dear wife, you make my life bright and cheerful every day, you bring blessings beyond belief. On this Christmas Day, I wish for you with love and joy under the tree. Merry Christmas, Love of my Life!

5. I wish you everlasting love, peace, and joy for the rest of your days, may your life be as beautiful as you are, and joy fill your days this Christmas day. Merry Christmas, My Special Lady!

6. You are my life, my love, and everything. Thank you for being such a great and loving life partner. Let us make the most of this day love. Merry Christmas dear wifey!

7. I may not always say this, but I truly love you a lot and will always love the same way until my last breath. Have a great Christmas Eve!

8. This is to let you know that I have loved you so much all these years and my love has grown up for you every second. Have the happiest Christmas season!

9. I might have not expressed my love for you, but my dear wife, I am always admired your support, sacrifice, and your love for me. May this Christmas be the one that brings every sort of happiness and joy in our life!

10. Words will never be enough to express my love for you. I wish this Christmas be the best time for us to enhance our love. Merry Christmas sweetheart!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Son

From the time when your son was a little fellow, you have left no chance in making every Christmas so special that the memories are still preserved in the mind’s eye. To show him, that he is still your baby boy and wish him beautifully for the holiday season. From the frosted cookies and sparkling lights, wrap your gifts with some sweet and short Christmas wishes for son.

Christmas Messages for Son

Here, scroll down and find yourself some blissful wishes to send to your son as a gift that he can never forget:

1. Merry Christmas my dear son! No matter how old you get, you will always be my sweet little boy and we will always pamper you the same. Love you so much, baby.

2. As long as we are together, every Christmas will be merry and bright. Have the happiest and the best Christ ever!

3. Dear son, you are a terrific son, a great dad, and a responsible husband. You have made your parents so proud and happy. Merry Christmas dear son!

4. No matter how far we are, your homecoming makes every day of mine special and joyful. Have a great Christ dear son!

5. Dear son, you are the greatest and the best ever gift that we have received in our lifetime. May the warm hugs and kisses reach you this Christmas season!

6. It is almost like a dream that you have grown up this big that you are buying Christmas gifts for your family. We hope you grow more and more and this day be the happiest Christ ever!

7. It feels strange to have Christmastime without you. We hope you are all well and having blast today. Happy Christ dear son from your loving parents!

8. I still, have that photo album when we used to celebrate Christ together. With the hope to see you soon son, Merry Christmas baby!

9. May this Christmas be the one that reminds you of the timeless meaning of holiday and celebration! Have the best Christ ever!

10. Merry Christmas to my dearest son. May every day of this holiday season be full of surprises and happiness! Be healthy and happy always boy.

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Daughter

From the Santa Clause dress to the cute hair accessories and make-up, every dad has to fulfill these cite demands of the darling daughter right from childhood. As sweet as the Christmas pie, the daughters are also very sweet and loving that will their love, whole house started to sing and every face gleams with happiness and joy. Now, when she has grown up, the celebration looks somewhat different, but the thing that is still intact is the love and care that you hold for her being parents.

Christmas Messages for Daughter

So, this holiday season, wish your loving daughter a very happy and Merry Christmas with these Christmas wishes and messages for daughter given below:

1. May you shine inside out and your life be filled with happiness and joy. Dear daughter, your mom, and dad both are so proud of you and love you. Have the best Christ ever!

2. Dear daughter, you are the most precious gift in our lives and we always pray to God to give you the best of everything. Shine even brighter sweetheart. Merry Christmas!

3. From the little doll to the self-dependent woman, you have made us proud at every moment of life. Dear daughter, love you so much and always pray for the best in your life. Have the happiest and the happy Christmas!

4. There is nothing more special and glorifying sight than seeing you growing and succeeding in life sweetheart. May this Christmastime brings good luck to you!

5. Dear daughter, thanks for coming home and making our holidays more joyful and bright. Merry Christmas princess!

6. This Christmas season, all that I want from Santa is to deliver all the happiness and good things to my loving daughter who is still a sweet little girl from heart.

7. Dear princess, you know what, Christmas is only a festival and that is your presence that makes it more amazing and happier for us.

8. You are not a daughter or another child for us. From the day you stepped in our life, your mom and dad are on the top of the world with proud and happiness. Merry Christmas daughter!

9. This Christmas season, I wish that you get everything you ask for. May the Almighty always shower you with enormous blessings! Merry Christmas princess!

10. Your sparkling face gives us the hope to move forward from the bad days. You are only the reason why we are having such divine and special Christ every year. Have the wonderful Christmas dear daughter!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Brother

The time to spread Christmas cheers as the most awaited holiday season is again around the corner. You must have those memories preserved in your mind’s eye of the days from Christmas gifts are more important and how can anyone forget about the Christmas pie and delicious cakes? In all this mischievous activity, the one person that is with you was throughout the year was your naughty brother.

Christmas Messages for Brother

This Christmas, relive all those memories with your brother and wish him the special Christ amazingly with some adorable Merry Christmas wishes for brother listed here:

1. Those silly pranks of yours have irritated me a lot. But, after growing up, those memories were the sweetest ones of my life. Merry Christmas idiot and be like this forever as your sister loves you this way!

2. Dear brother, wishing you the best and the very gleaming holiday and may each day of this season brings a smile on your face.

3. May this Christmas be

More than just a season for you dear brother,

But a way of life towards success and happiness!

Merry Christmas dear Brother!

4. Christmastime becomes more special and joyful when it’s shared with your brother. Have the brightest and the happiest Christ ever and hope to see you soon!

5. Dear brother, you’ve seen me good, bad, and in between. And you’ve stuck with me all that time. Thanks for the support and the immense love you have showered on me every time. Merry Christmas dear!

6. Dear brother, you have given me the best memories of life. This holiday season, wishing you good health, good company, and good times during this most wonderful time of year.

7. For the sweetest brother of mine, you are the reason for my every smile. I know, you were a little weird but now you have become my good friend. I hope this bond be like this forever. Have the best ever Christ!

8. Having a brother like you to support me in my life is a blessing. Merry Christmas handsome!

9. To my fantastic brother, may your life be filled with sunshine and brightness and this Christmastime brings new hope and good time for you. Have the wonderful Christ bro!

10. Your car might not start in the morning due to cold, but your life will surely be gearing up. This Christmas be the best ever one with everything best for you. Merry Christmas brother!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Sister

Sending Christmas wishes and messages to sister is the best way to connect with your siblings who are living far away from you in the emirates of UAE. If you cannot reach them, but your wishes can. Your sister has always been that shoulder for you on which you can rely for every sort of help and can count on in every phase of life. This Christmas, let your words express your love and your feelings that are hidden in your heart for a longer time.

Christmas Messages for Sister

Here, a collection of some cute and touchy messages is given that can be the reason for the special Christ for your loving sister. So, choose your favorite one and wish holiday adorably.

1. Dear sister, I hope the warmth of this Christmastime stays with you throughout the year and you welcome happiness and joy with open arms. Merry Christmas sister!

2. Dear sister, you have always been my backbone who has supported me in every difficult side. On this Christ, I want a promise that you will always be there with me like this. Have the warmest and the wonderful Christmas dear!

3. We are now may be separated by a few miles, but the time we have spent together is enough to fuse every second of my life with joy and happiness. Have the brightest Christmas dear sis!

4. Dear sister, words are not enough to express my love for you. I have grown up with you following you like an ideal and this will go with me for the entire life. May this holiday time fill your days with brightness and your nights with comfort and happiness!

5. With the Christmas stepped in, the memories of making Christmas pie together revolve around my mind. Thanks a lot for making my childhood this special. Have the happiest and the greatest Christ dear sister!

6. Miss Perfect, you have always been my role model to follow. In between our pranks and fights, I have always thanked God that you are mine. Wish you the happiest and the merriest Christmas!

7. Love you my dearest sister. May the coming Christmas be filled with lots and lots of happiness and joy and you get the best ever things in life. Merry Christmas dear sis!

8. Dear baby girl, you are like my child who has spent phase of life with me. But, now you are a grown-up and I wish that every day of yours be filled with happiness and joy. Shine bright like a star on the top of the Christmas tree.

9. For us, Christmas is not only the time of merrymaking and festivity. It is the one to remember every memory of childhood. May you have the best ever Christmas Eve dear sister!

10. May the peace and joy of Christmas spirit be always with you in every phase of life! Merry Christmas dearest sister!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Boyfriend

Here, is a sneak peek to some cute and adorable Christmas wishes and messages for boyfriend that will take him by surprise and will make him feel the most special and loved. So, this Christmas season, pair your Christmas gifts with your lovely Christmas messages and send it to your love residing in the UAE.

Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

1. Okay, there is no need to pull my pointy ears. I promise to be your elf this year! Merry Christmas love!

2. The day, you have entered my life, I’ve enjoyed making great Christmas memories with you every year, and I look forward to more to come. Have the happiest Christmas dear!

3. Dearest boyfriend, all I want this year as my Christmas gift is your presence in my life and a hand to hold me in every up and down. Merry Christmas lifeline!

4. Christmas time is a great time to be with you my love as I loved to get spoiled by your pampering and gifts!

5. This holiday season is the special one for me as I have a special person in my life to be with and spend my best Christ time with.

6. Merry Christmas to that one special person in my life who has stolen my heart and make me feel like a princess.

7. I might not a frequent expressive about my feelings, but with the end of the year and this special day, I want to let you know that with you around, I am complete. Merry Christmas dear love!

8. We have gone through many ups and downs, but the best part is that you were right there with me holding hands. Be like this forever love. Merry Christmas!

9. It makes me feel very happy and loved that I have such a lovely partner to walk the distance with. Just be mine always. Have the greatest Christmas dear!

10. The best part of Christmas is to hug you and decorate the Christmas tree with you. I just can’t wait to be with you for the celebration. Merry Christmas love!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Girlfriend

Christmas is the perfect time to show your girlfriend how important she is to you and how much you love her. If you are the one who is a terrible gift picker, then make the simple flower bouquet even more special with some words of admiration for her. Shower your love on her with the Merry Christmas wishes and messages for girlfriend and send your love with a Christmas letter.

Christmas Messages for Girlfriend

1. Wishing you nothing less but with the best ever Christmas magic that will take your life to an exciting journey away from sorrow and sadness. Merry Christmas lifeline!

2. This year is ending at a good note where I realized that you are the one and only with whom I want to share my whole life with. Wish you the most joyous Christmas dear!

3. Dear love, I can spend my Christmas with you looking at your beautiful eyes like this forever. Please be with me like this holding hands. Merry Christmas dear!

4. My girl, you are the purest soul who has a heart of gold. I am blessed to have you in my life. Have the brightest and the happiest Christmas!

5. Loving you like an addiction from which I don’t want to recover ever. Let us make this Christmas more happening together.

6. I have so many dreams to fulfill with you that keep me awake every night and your innocent face is the first reason. Be mine always love. Merry Christmas dear!

7. May you be given the true spirit of Christmas with love, peace, and happiness! Wish you the happiest and the blissful Christmas!

8. All I want this Christmas season is your support throughout my life and your hand in my hand stargazing together.

9. Gifts of happiness and hampers of romance engulf you this evening so much that you don’t miss me and enjoy your eve even without me to the fullest. Merry Christmas love and hope to see you soon.

10. Merry Christmas Sweetheart! It's your presence that has enhanced the glory of the festival and made it more special and wonderful.

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Friends

With the Merry Christmas cards on the table, stamps ready and gifts wrapped, the Christmas season is among the most awaited ones for everyone from children to the grown-ups. But, this day cannot be completed without sending Christmas wishes and messages to friends. Here are some of the best and most prominent messages that you can consider to ginger up your greeting card. Let’s check them out now:

Christmas Messages for Friends

1. May your heart and home be filled with joy and happiness and the festive season brings every good thing for you. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

2. May your day be filled with happiness and the brightness and you lead to a successful life. Merry Christmas dear friend!

3. Christmas carols everywhere and gift-giving here and there! Christmas is a merry-making season that will be a lot more special if spent with a friend like you! Dear friend, Merry Christmas!

4. With flowers, balloons, cute graphics, and cartoons, I wish the most special person of my life a very happy and blissful Christmas!

5. Life is partly what we design it to be, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose to share with. Thank you for allowing me to choose you, dear friend. Wishing you a very special Christmas!

6. Dear bestie, I bought you the most amazing wallet as a Christmas gift, but then I thought it will go well with my outfit. Good luck next year!

7. You know what, you are this special to me that when I have to choose a person to build snowman with, then it would surely be you. Be on my side friend.

8. This Christmas season, I would like to raise a toast to our friendship and wish that we cherish every special moment together. Merry Christmas!

9. Christmas is the season to wish one another with love, joy, and peace. These are my utmost wishes for you dear friend, Merry Christmas.

10. Many years ago, I asked Santa for such a person in my life who can be my shoulder to cry and the one to count on for everything. And, hey, I got you! Merry Christmas my one and only partner in crime!

Christmas Day Wishes and Messages for Colleagues

Many of us have spent quite a long time working in a company sitting next to such amazing persons who were always there to listen to your office gossips and tensions. There could be no better time other than Christmas to wish them amazingly with your words in the form of Merry Christmas messages for colleagues and co-workers.

Christmas Messages for Colleagues

Scroll down and choose your favorite wish and beautify your greeting card:

1. All of the hard work that you are doing every day sitting next to me really means that you deserve to have the most beautiful Christmas.

2. Christmastime is the best time to remember those who are close to heart. So, here is my hearty wish for you to be happy and joyful.

3. Dear friend, hope your Christmas be as beautiful and amazing as you are!

4. With the wonderful start of the day and the delightful cakes to gorge on, this holiday be the special Christ for you to end your year with everything good around you. Merry Christmas!

5. May the magic of Christmas bring peace for you so that your coming days be as wonderful and happening as you are. Have the happiest and the brightest holiday season dear!

6. May your heart be as warm as the Christmas bonfire and as delightful as the Christmas pie on this Christmas Eve! I wish you have the brightest and the happiest Christmas dear!

7. Our time that we have spent together has truly proven that we are best as a team. Have a wonderful Christmas, my wonderful friend.

8. Till the time we meet again, I wish you a Merry Christmas, my co-worker and friend.

9. Wishing you the love, happiness, and joy this Christmas season my friend!

10. Dear friend, working with you is the best ever gift that I have received on Christmas. I wish you the joy and happiness this holiday season.

Christmas Day Quotes

Send these amazing Merry Christmas quotes to your friends and family members and express your gratitude to them with all your heart. Either wrote them in the greeting card or send as whats app messages, these quotes will reflect the true Christmas spirit. These Christmas wishes images and Pictures can also be sent directly to your loved ones socially to send hearty wishes to spread Christmas magic.

Christmas Day Quotes

1. "Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us."- David Cameron

2. "City sidewalks

Busy sidewalks

Dressed in holiday style

In the air

There's a feeling

Of Christmas...” -'Silver Bells'

3. "May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve!"

4. "Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed." - Ann Garnett Schultz

5. "Christmas isn't just a day, it's a frame of mind." - Valentine Davies

6. "Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection." - Winston Churchill

7. "Christmas now surrounds us, Happiness is everywhere. Our hands are busy with many tasks as carols fill the air." - Shirley Sallay

8. "Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart." -'The Polar Express'

9. "Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever."- Richelle E. Goodrich

10. “The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” - Burton Hills

11. “Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we're here for something else besides ourselves.” - Eric Severeid

12. “To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” - Calvin Coolidge

13. “Christmas magic is silent. You don't hear it — you feel it. You know it. You believe it.”- Kevin Alan Milne

14. “Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most” - Ruth Carter Stapleton

15. “Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.”- Peg Bracken