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Iris Care Guide

A great many of varieties of the Iris flowers are available! They bloom from late winter season to the early spring season. It is not very tough task to take care of the Iris flowers once they are properly grown. These plants are very good in terms of multiplying but once you will start seeing their rhizome crowded, you will need to separate the rhizomes.

Iris Care Guide

Here are some of the Iris care tips that you will need to follow…..

  • You must avoid making use of the high quantity of nitrogen fertilizers carelessly at the surface of your plant and also the use of excess amount of organic matter because that may lead to getting the rhizome rot.
  • The rhizome should be kept exposed because they will need a bit more of Sun light and air so that they can dry up. While the bulbs can easily be grown deep inside the ground. And, somehow, if there are a lot of plants and soil all around the rhizomes, they will start rotting up.
  • After the Iris plants have bloomed, never trim out the leaves as the leaves help in photosynthesis. You must cut off the brown tips and then prevent rotting up of the rhizome by cutting up the flowering stalks.
  • While Iris flowers are resistant to deer and are tolerant to drought but they are vulnerable to borers. Therefore, they must be checked for holes in rhizomes so as to discard any if its infected.
  • You must choose to water your plant generously! You will need to check the temperature condition and accordingly increase the watering frequency. Like you should stop watering the plant when the weather cools down.
  • If the rhizomes have got covered with organic matter, debris or dirt then you must brush that off gently.

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