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Lily Care Guide

Lilies are one of the most loved flowers! Be it any occasion, birthday, anniversary or any other, they are the most preferred choices for gifting. These showy, fragrant and vibrant flowers are the heart of many parties. These are even very easy to grow and require only minimal care. They are available in bright red, golden, pink and white colours.

If you have had hard time taking care of your tender lilies, there is no need to worry now. We are here with the important lily care tips that will help you in keeping good care of your lilies and they will blossom like never before. Follow the following steps……

Lily Care Guide

Lily care Guide

Step 1

Once you have taken them to your home, just unwrap immediately. They can deteriorate or rot down easily if they are kept for long in the same decorative packaging they come in.

Step 2

You will then need to remove the anthers which are the tall stems that grow out of the bloom's center part. Removing these anthers can enhance life of the flowers and will also save the pristine white petals from getting stained from the pollens.

Step 3

Always choose a space which looks bright with light, for growing these tender lilies. But, at the same time you will need to avoid growing it any of the areas of your home which has too much of Sun's light available, directly falling on to the flowers because, doing this can shorten the life span of your flowers.

Step 4

Try keeping the temperature of your home in between 60 to 68 degrees and that you should keep it cool. Make it a point that your flowers are protected from any intense source of heat.

Step 5

Whenever on touching the soil, you feel that the soil is dry, you must water it! You also keep it point to avoid over watering your plant because that way there would be more chances of dying it soon. Also, there has to be a proper balance and never should it be left dry for a long period.

Step 6

If you can see any fading flower, just make sure that you have removed it then and there. You must also keep pruning the deteriorating petals in order to promote growth.

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