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Orchid Care Guide

Orchids are one of the most sought after plants which are grown inside the house. And, they can be grown in the best possible way with provide they are grown in the proper condition. The best thing is that they can be grown with the minimum care.

Orchid Care Guide

Taking care of Orchid Flowers?

One you get acquainted with how you can grow your orchid flowers, you can easily make it possible to take care of your delicate flowers. Depending on their varieties these flowers can be found in a number of colours and sizes. They are one of the most loved flowers when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

  • Once all the basic needs of orchids like light, temperature and humidity level have been fulfilled they are the one which needs the least care.
  • Most of the orchids will require well maintained and moist draining condition.
  • Orchid plants can be grown in a number of media like fir bark, redwood, sphagnum peat moss, sand, rocks, charcoal, potting soil and many others.
  • Only shallow planting is required for growing orchids.
  • In the room place your orchids in the south or the east facing window.
  • These plants require indirect and bright light and insufficient amount of light can result into poor flowering of the plants.
  • But you must avoid from giving it too much of light as that can result into scorching of the leaves.
  • Orchids are capable of tolerating warmer or cooler temperature all through the normal growing season but they will need almost about 15 degrees lesser temperature during the night time than that of the day time.
  • Orchids will need to be grown in ample amount of temperature and they must be given time to dry out in between the watering sessions.
  • You can check if the media if it is ready for watering or not by poking your fingers through the media. If you find the media dry, you must consider watering it or you can leave it.
  • About fifty to seventy percent of humidity is also needed for growing indoor orchids. For bringing in humidity n you home you can just place tray filled with pebbles below the plant or water-filled saucer or you may also use a humidifier.
  • You must consider providing fertilizer to orchids weekly or bi-weekly during the time they have stated with their growing state. And, that must be decreased to monthly or bi-monthly after they have grown enough. And, it should be stopped once they will look dormant.
  • You should consider repotting if the plants suddenly stop growing even after adequate humidity, temperature and light.

One must keep check for the growth of any type of growth of diseases or pests. You can occasionally see orchids getting affected by aphids, scale and mealybugs and if found it can easily be washed off using insecticidal soap.

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