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Rose Care Guide

Loving the beauty of flower alone won't do, you will need to take good care of these flowers so that they can breathe well and thus could thrive well. Many of you may be giving up the idea of growing roses for log time because you have heard that growing them is not everyone's cup of tea. But, that actually that a daunting task as people think it to be. This queen of flowers is easy to grow and that can be done as long as they can be placed in a Sunny location and can be given a bit of TLC. You can easily and happily grow them.

Rose Care Guide

Here are some expert tips and guides for taking good care of the rose flowers and for successfully growing at your home….

1. Make sure which type of root will be perfect for you

There are two options, weather you can bring a rose plant which is already fixed in soil or you may also go for a bare root plants. And, if you are somebody who is doing it for the forts tome, going for container roses are the best options. They can be easily planted and grown! You may also purchase them at local nursery and you can plant them when the climate conditions are suitable.

Bare root roses

A greater variety for the bare root plant is available and they can be economically and conveniently ordered online. You will need to soak the roots of bare root plant overnight in water before you plant them into the ground.

2. Overdoing should be avoided

A wide variety rose are available but it is not good to go for them all at a time. While it may tempt you to fill the entire garden with wide variety of roses, it can end up making the place look disorderly. You should only plant a few varieties of the well-chosen plants roses will give you far more satisfaction then a huge number of flowers.

3. Keep them at the right site

For growing them well and in the healthiest condition it is important to keep them at a place such that they can receive an adequate Sunlight of six to eight hours. And, especially during a hot climatic condition, you must make sure that they are protected well from the scorching Sun of the cold weather. During winters you should plant them to the West or the South facing wall and that will help to a great extent in minimizing damage due to winter freeze.


It is also a great idea to plant roses in well drained soil that are rich in organic matter. If it's heavy clay soil, you will need to mix compost and other organic materials so as to improve its drainage. And, using compost on a sandy and lean soil will help in retaining moisture near roots of the plants.

4. Choose the right time to Plant them

Spring is considered as the best time of the year to plant roses! The bare-root plants are usually available during the spring season and that they must be planted just after they are bought home. Container roses give more flexibility of time and could be planted in the climatic condition in which they are suitable. You should choose a cloudy and calm day for planting roses.

5. Give them a great start before by Digging down Deeper

You can give your plants a great start by being aware of the deepness of the hole in which it is planted. No matter if you are planting a bare-root or container roses, the hole in which it is planted must be deeper enough to accommodate the roots well enough. This will also ensure that there is good drainage. If you are going for planting more rose bushes, you must place them all about three feet away from each other so that it can get ample of spec to grow.

6. Feed your Plants Regularly

You will need to fertilize your plant regularly for its proper growth! Making use of organic materials will supply your plants all the required nutrients. You can also make monthly use of composted manure, compost and other organic nutrients to ensure the proper growth of your plant. It will also maintain pH balance in the soil.

7. Wise watering will do

When you keep moisturizer in the soil to a uniform level throughout the season! The amount of watering needed will only depend upon type of the soil and also the prevailing weather condition. Roses which grow in sandy soil will need to be watered more than that of the flowers which are being grown in the heavy clay soils. Also, it is important to take care about the fact on how you are going to water your plants is also important; in addition to how frequently it is watered.

8. Trim your plants regularly for keeping them healthy

You can prune then and keep them healthy like a professional just by following a few easy and simple tips. This will result into making them look healthy and beautiful!

Here's how you can trim them like a pro:

  • You will first need to remove all the damaged and dead canes and all those that are looking brown.
  • If you are the one living in a dormant seasoned climate, it is best to do hard trimming during the spring season that is around March and April.
  • Or, you may also trim them throughout the season so as to keep them healthy and well-groomed.
  • For re-blooming, you can go for deadheading, wherein; you can just choose the first five leaflet stems and cut them to promote their growth.
  • 9. Grow Disease free Roses

    One of the best ways to promote healthy growth and protect your flowers from any type of disease is choosing their disease resistant varieties. These are those roses which are grown so as to prevent any type of rose diseases like black spot and powdery mildew.

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