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Sunflower Care Guide

Sunflowers are considered as one of the most vibrant and fantabulous flowers that are great for enhancing the beauty of your garden or even they serve as one of the best decorative pieces for indoors. A huge variety of Sun flowers are available that include tall summer-flowering annuals that have gigantic flower faces, perennials which grow all through the year and many such.

The Annual Sunflowers grow from midsummer to autumn and the dead flowers can be used during winters for feeding birds as seeds of Sunflowers are one of the favorite foods of birds.

sunflower Care Guide

Scientific Name - Helianthus annuus

Amount of Light needed - Need sun light for 6 to 8 hours every day.

Amount of Water needed: Adding one inch of water every week will do. In between you may also compensate in case the soil dries out.

Fertilizer Needed: Use high-nitrogen liquid plant fertilizer to keep your Sunflower growing. When there is formation of flower head, you should switch to using liquid fertilizer which has more phosphorous and that will help in amazing growth of these flowers.

Temperature Needed - During a dry and hot day you must give your Sunflower some extra water that will help it from drying out too much and will protect it from dying.

Pests and Diseases: generally Sunflowers are considered to be very immune to common diseases and pests, at various points in time you will find birds on the Sunflowers seeds. When you harvest them, try to keep them away in a way that they are not near to the flowers.

Guide for looking after Sunflowers in the Indoors

1. Put them into an aptly Suitable Container

Sunflowers are considered as one of the most gigantic commercial flowers and you will need to put them in a container that can support them with their heavy nature. You must choose big supportive container that can fit into it 2/3 of the flower stem.

2. Enrich them with water

Sunflowers are considered to be excessively thirsty and you will need to enrich them with lots of water. Never be ignorant of the water level and keep watering it regularly.

3. Keep Removing More Foliage

There is a huge amount of foliage on to the stem and so it is important to remove it so as to leave minimum foliage near the top.

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