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Tulip Care Guide

As and when spring starts showing up you can have the pleasure to see the beautiful blooms all over the gardens and that Tulips are especially common. If you are planning to enjoy the pleasure of including tulips into your for enhancing its looks then the below guidelines need to be followed.

Tulip Care Guide

Growing Tulips in Vase

1. You will need to choose the most perfect Vase for your flowers

One of the thumb rule to making the best arrangement for taking care of Tulips in the indoors is finding a vase that can hold at least half of the total height of the plant. During their entire vase life, Tulips will grow up to a height of around two inches. So, it is great for Tulips to have a vase arrangement such that they can grow and expand without any hindrance. This will also help in keeping their petals safe.

2. Cut Stems

Here you will need to be mindful and be aware of the fact that they will grow in the vase and so you must keep cutting the stem. You should prefer cutting them at an angle of 45 degrees so as to bring in a straw like effect. This will also allow those stems to soak up fresh water.

3. Enrich them with plenty of Water

Tulips have great love for water and especially fresh and cold water! You must fill the vase till three quarters when you bring and put them into the vase as Tulips will absorb a lot of water. It will be great for the plants if you can change the plant water every other day and give also cut the stems freshly. If you want to add on to the happiness of your plants you can feed them with some lemon juice or a half teaspoon of cane sugar.

4. You must Avoid Overexposure

Tulips are believed to be photosensitive that means they can open and grow according to the amount of Sunlight they are provided. You must avoid keeping the vase in the direct Sunlight because that will start wilting up faster this way. Tulips will definitely go through a little bending as they will go through stretching up near the Sunlight. But if notice the stem flipping up, that's actually not a good sign.

5. You should choose Other Flowers mindfully

You must be very careful if you want to choose some other flowers to the Tulip vase because Tulips are very much sensitive to other flowers. Daffodils and narcissus are some of the flowers that affect negatively when they are put with tulips as they will emit a kind of substance responsible for making tulips wilt faster.

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