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UAE National Day

UAE National Day is the unifying day for the nation as on this day, all the emirates unite together and form the United Arab Emirates. On this day, with amazing fireworks and shows and UAE flag-themed items in the stores and malls, then local people pay tribute to the nationalities with love and respect in the hearts.

Now, here is everything given that one must know about this amazing day:

History of UAE National Day

The United Arab Emirates was known as a Trucial state until 1971. Then, in 1972, emirates like Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, and lately Ras Al Khaimah joined the union and the beautiful nation called UAE (United Arab Emirates) is formed. Today, Emiratis gleefully celebrate this day on 2nd December every year with patriotism and respect for the nation. This year, i.e. 2019, the UAE is turning 48.

Why Do We Celebrate UAE National Day?

The National Day of UAE is also known as the union day that celebrates the federation formed on 2nd December 1971 every year. On this day, all the 7 Emirates were formed and called home. Away from work and regardless of color, age, status, everybody join hands and pay tribute to the nationalities that have contributed to the formation of such beautiful and peace-loving 7 emirates by hosting events and shows with love and respect in the heart.

How Can We Celebrate UAE National Day?

This year, don’t just sit inside your homes gorging on cakes and tea. This is the time to relish your most awaited day of the year. UAE is turning 48 and the celebration should be more lit and amazing. So, here are some ways in which one can ginger up this day more beautifully so that the impression of this year’s celebration lasts for the next few years as well. So, lets us discover some new way to enjoy:

Firework at Emirates

Nothing can be more amazing and gleaming than the firework that shows up in Dubai and other emirates as well. So, let spoil you more with some attractive and huge cracker shows across the nation.

Heart-warming events and shows

This year, the emirates like Abu Dhabi and Dubai are set to organize and host fun activities for the families and children so that they can have ample satisfaction of this yearly celebration.


What can be more tempting than having your favorite celebrity and superstars performing for you in your city on this special day to fill the day with more happiness and joy? Nothing, for sure! So, grab tickets for your favorite show now.

Free tickets as well

On 48th National Day, one more special thing is waiting for you. Now, one can enjoy the live concerts of the regional icons for free in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates.

The imagine show

Now, Dubai will also be hosting the imagine show as a tribute to the nationalities that call the UAE home. So, be ready to rock and roll and enjoy every moment of this day with all these surprising elements.