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Hug Day Messages, Wishes and Quotes

Top 10 Hug Day Messages 2022: Romantic Cute Text/SMS on Hug Day – Valentine!

Hug is the sweetest gesture that one can give to another and automatically gets it back without doing extra efforts. From sharing happiness to the sadness of life, hugging someone tight describes everything that words cannot say. And, when it is from that special person in whose arms you feel the most secured, that hug cannot not even described in words. The happiness can only be seen in the eyes. So, this Hug Day falling on 12th Feb 2022; if you are not sure what to do to make the day more special, then just give a tight hug and you will give the best gift ever. But, do not miss the exclusive collection of Hug Day gifts that will fill the day with more romance.

Hug Day Messages and Quotes

What if you can send heart touching Hug Day wishes and messages to someone whom you cannot give your warm hug? Just check out the messages given below:

1. I am always having a shoulder to lean
When you are there for me!
A hug to fill me with love is always there for me,
Where you are!
My every dream comes true there
Where you are for me!
Happy Hug Day sweetheart!

2. When you are far away from me, I love you in my dreams and when we are not together, I hug you in my prayers. And, now I want to feel your presence in my life. So, come soon baby. Happy Hug Day, sweetie!

3. Are you alone? I am your shadow.
Want to cry? My shoulder is here for you!
Want a hug? I will hold you tight.
Just be happy always!
Happy Hug Day!

4. A hug is the best gift to give someone close to your heart as your heart can only say what is there in your heart. Happy Hug Day!

5. A hug might look like a simple gesture, but it feels like heaven when you are hugging me. Happy Hug Day, darling!

6. The sound of your heart beating is what I want to hear every morning to begin my day with. Happy Hug Day sweetheart!

7. Dear love, you are my cutest huggable teddy bear whom I want to cuddle every time to bust my stress. Happy Hug Day, dear!

8. My arms will always be open when you need someone to hug and speak your hearty emotions. Happy Hug Day, sweetie!

9. My love begins to flourish when my body touches yours. I want to be in your arms feeling secured forever. Happy Hug Day, love!

10. I want to spend my Hug Day cuddling with you all day. Just come back and let me be again in your arms vanishing all the pains and worries! Make my Hug Day special with your presence!

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