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When is UAE National Day

Nothing can fill the heats of citizens of the United Arab Emirates than the coming of UAE National Day. Yes, you heard it right! National of UAE is celebrated on 2nd December of every year with love and respect in the hearts of the people of 7 emirates. From the parades, marching and exploring the nation to the attractive and gleaming firework marked by several heart-warming events and games, this most awaited occasion is celebrated full-fledgedly across the nation since 1971.

Next Five Years Date Calendar of UAE National Day!

Here, a table is given below that will represent the dates and the concerned day on which this special day will be celebrated in the next five years i.e. from 2019-2023. So, check them out and mark in your calendars:

2nd December2019Monday
2nd December2020Wednesday
2nd December2021Thursday
2nd December2022Friday
2nd December2023Saturday